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  1. 🚀 Cybertruck blasts around the Fremont test track - video

    That's one fast shiny car!
  2. Waiting for UAW shoe to drop?

    O...K... Understand what a Board of Directors is? Let me help you out... They decide on who the CEO is (btw - it is a he or a seem to imply they are all male). The BOD is largely comprised of major shareholders who seek to improve the value of the company and their positions. No -...
  3. Any 500mi range updates?

    200 miles is perfect - same as an ice. 100 miles is a shiny car - not a truck.
  4. Any 500mi range updates?

    The real "irony" is the amount of profit I'll make selling my "truck" to people who think the shiny car that can't tow worth a crap is a "truck". And yes - I'll use my ice truck for ~1.5k miles / year for a year or so until a real electric truck with range is commonplace. Then - I'll pay cash...
  5. Any 500mi range updates?

    That is a sound point. I won't wait if they're pumping out duals. Early reservation holder = I'll buy the dual and sell it for a massive profit to someone who wants a shiny car. Then - I'll wait for a real truck with range / utility to do truck stuff.
  6. Any 500mi range updates?

    Agreed. By definition, trucks provide utility. If you have to stop every hundred miles to tow something up hill, that is weak utility. I also think it's silly to have a second vehicle around for real truck stuff because an electric $80k truck has limited range. Seems like a ton of compromise...
  7. Any 500mi range updates?

    Bingo - I'm in the same boat. 300 miles...or even 350 miles on a truck is like having an oversized golf cart. Needs to do what trucks do - carry a payload and tow up and down hills without a range pucker factor.
  8. Waiting for UAW shoe to drop?

    Here's an idea - let's not examine their contract details and what is "fair" to people who we do not know and whose contracts we don't understand and encourage them to leave their jobs if not happy. Tesla is hiring. If you don't like what you're paid - leave - that's the definition of an...
  9. Waiting for UAW shoe to drop?

    Good Guys Media Ventures LLC? ROFL - I stand corrected! Quack
  10. Waiting for UAW shoe to drop?

    Your initial statement about "like a limb" is why they are appropriately paid. No - they are not paying for a monkey with a coin. As you can see - they have tenuous circumstances to navigate - which include China leading the EV race. How the "monkey with a coin" navigates overpaying the saps...
  11. Waiting for UAW shoe to drop?

    Again - you flail your opinions, but zero research or facts. Looking at a recent research article, approximately 20% of a CEO's salary is base and 80% is performancse based, on average. Bigger companies pay more because the responsibility is much greater. And no - a front line worker should...
  12. Waiting for UAW shoe to drop?

    What an exhaustingly stupid argument this whole thing is... Right - companies pay their CEOs on the basis of welfare, not performance. And - larger cap companies pay their CEOs more because hey - need to do something with the money...right? The reality is that the vast majority of CEO...
  13. Waiting for UAW shoe to drop?

    There's no evidence that high executive compensation is associated with better outcomes. -Crissa I love when people don't do any research and then claim "there is no evidence". Higher value businesses have higher paid executives - period. Bad executive decisions = company loses value, CEO...
  14. Waiting for UAW shoe to drop?

    Great idea - pay less for the people creating strategies that keep these old mules kicking...and workers comparatively overfed. Check China's EV production costs. Takes some seriously smart folks to lead these companies to compete with $25k electric vehicles...particularly with the bloat that...
  15. Waiting for UAW shoe to drop?

    Perfect reason to allow free market to advance our low C02 requirements. Sorry if this creates endless loops for some of you... Anyway - as a consumer with a good reservation number - bring it on!!
  16. Waiting for UAW shoe to drop?

    Bingo - you've got it. The big three US are a fraction of the total market, but huge in full sized pickups. I see some aligned / related elements here.
  17. Waiting for UAW shoe to drop?

    Wondering how much the looming UAW strike might be playing into the dragged out release details on Cybertruck? Big product launch...thinking that if I was making decisions on pricing and rollout, a small detail like having Ford, GM, and Stellantis workers in a bitter strike might be a factor...
  18. Air suspension lowest vs. tallest height comparison pics (side by side Cybertrucks)

    Yep, pretty sure me too...but only in how he is using that Big Ass Dash like how I use my office desk. Expect a ton of clutter going up there and eventually flying all over the place. It's like an oversized forehead just screaming for a palm smack.
  19. Cybertruck wrapped like an ICE F-150 🧐 Frunk Open Look (No Tub Installed)

    There it is! We finally know what Elon meant when he announced that Tesla would experiment with spending $$ on marketing. Well done Elon - cheap, but effective!