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  1. Tesla is dropping the hammer on employee leakers

    I agree whole heartedly with Pete. You had to get 13 states to come to an agreement. One of the big sticking points was slavery. If they tried for that they would have never come to an agreement. You are foolish if you think we were founded in slavery.
  2. Cybertruck parked at garage (shows vault bed lights!)

    The camera person should be fired also. Why on earth didn’t he whip out a tape measure and takes some measurements?!
  3. Charger install?

    Would it accept a 240v/100amp wire?
  4. Cybertruck really showcasing its 4WS agility, parking lot follower flank 🤣

    Yup, the stalking will stop when they finally start delivering the trucks! If I lived out in the area I’d be packing a tape measure and a Insta360 everywhere I went so I would be ready.
  5. Tesla Model S test drive

    Yup, I rented a Model 3 on our last vacation. The car was amazing! I can’t wait for the Cybertruck!
  6. Self driving backing up when towing a trailer ?

    Less than a decade away from replacing a FO? No way, I’m an FO and there is no way airlines will go to with only one pilot.
  7. Accessories / mods to consider buying before Cybertruck delivery?

    I can’t wait to make a rack for mine. My welder is all ready!
  8. It'd be a Mistake to Prioritize Cybertruck Deliveries to Tesla ‘Influencers’

    But it can be said that most influencers should have an early reservation number. They were probably at the launch event so they should have a low number. But hopefully they will stick with ordinary peoples numbers (unless maybe you want to pick it up from the factory).
  9. Musk responds to Cybertruck pricing and specs announcement question (8/23/23)

    There is no way it will be that high. I keep hearing now that auto sales are way down, Ford reduced the cost of the Lightning, and Ford has their normal trucks sitting at their dealers for lack of demand. And high interest rates are not helping. I can’t see the Cybertruck come in at a high price
  10. What do YOU think is hiding in the backseat?

    I think there is a large chicken coop back there!
  11. It seems like employee deliveries are happening now

    The inside word is they are asking employees if they want to be testers. Crash tests and EPA filings can come any day now. It probably will happen fast.
  12. Will You Wrap Your Cybertruck?

    How much would a wrap cost on a Cybertruck? Can you do it yourself?
  13. 9 Cybertrucks just arrived at Tesla Fremont factory today 8/17

    They must drive them there in the dead of night!
  14. Couldn't stand the suspense so I called Tesla

    I have a Day #2 and sitting around 98k. Where are you?