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  1. Treynor

    Air suspension lowest vs. tallest height comparison pics (side by side Cybertrucks)

    Because it is purely a testosterone kinda thing. It’s possible you may not understand. 😭
  2. Treynor

    Will You Wrap Your Cybertruck?

    I’m going to install a hood scoop on my CT just to confuse people.
  3. Treynor

    Spy Video of Cybertruck Release Candidate Being Built in GFTX

    Red button?! You better return that shuttle clean or you’ll be charged!
  4. Treynor

    Cyber F-150 Truck Riding on High Suspension Height!

    Passenger side - rear fender - scraped pretty bad. 😵🫣
  5. Treynor

    Custom vanity license plates for your Cybertruck?

    I’m in Louisiana. CYBRTRK is no longer available. I had to go with CBERTRK.
  6. Treynor

    Random Lottery / skip the line!

    So, I heard that Billy Joel used to go to the nosebleed area seats and pick random concert goers to come sit up in the front rows. That sure did get a lot of free publicity, and REALLY made those ticket purchasers happy. I vote Tesla organizes a monthly random lottery to pull from only...
  7. Treynor

    CT with a hood scoop

    This is the best idea yet. ✔️
  8. Treynor

    CT with a hood scoop

    I’m thinking of installing a hood scoop on my CyberTruck just to confuse people. Would that be tacky?
  9. Treynor

    Another Hit Piece on Cybertruck

    So, I am in line for my cyber truck. my number may be called in 2024 or maybe 2025 based upon my place in line. I am a Louisiana resident and now being told (by media) that Tesla will not be able to sell to me directly. Anyone want to take a stab at updating me with correct facts?