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  1. What if the BAW windshield wiper is removable?

    then I'll have a self defense weapon handy if the need arises....BAW > 9mm! :cool:
  2. Exact dimensions of Cybertruck? Will it fit in 19 ft deep garage?

    My Charger is between the garage doors so I can reach any garage spot and any driveway spot. Gen 1, longer cable and have a path through the wall for the cable to charge outside vehicles. Basically I knew my CT would be in the driveway (my current Tesla is in the garage and my current truck...
  3. Front Tow Hooks / Recovery Points spotted on Cybertruck [9-11-2023]

    Wouldn't the rear just use the hitch for tow hooks? That's all my current 2500 has currently in the rear (does have tow hooks on front)
  4. Control buttons for vault bed - closeup pics 🔍

    The Cover is powered by a PTO from the BAW motor, limited to 100hp but still enough to move the cover under 16' of ice! :-)
  5. Cybertruck spotted parked in X (Twitter) building garage

    Rear View Mirror diff than earlier pics where it didnt look thick enough to be a "monitor" for use when vault closed - this one appears more monitor ish. Front cockpit looks good, very Tesla like! Although I would like some functionality with the huge *** dash...aka storage of some sort, sure...
  6. Rear Seat View Thread -- Discuss 💬

    Looks pretty standard / basic, not sure what wow feature you could have in a back seat? Improvements vs. my current GMC2500 Crew: - Flat floor vs. driveline hump - Maybe better lighting - LED Lighting Strips? - Rear Screen - improvement for some, not useful for my use case as I just put gear...
  7. My Cybertruck closeups: front bumper camera & passenger door button (spotted at Tesla Service Center)

    "What‘s to keep mud and snow and rain off front camera? " Judicious use of throttle / g forces! :cool:
  8. FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    will be interesting to see what accessories Tesla offers for the frunk (and everything else). Think they offer a mat for the m3 frunk, that's it - hoping for some dividers/organizers/nets/cooler, etc for the CT. I know the aftermarket will go crazy but Tesla doesnt gouge on accessories...
  9. [Video + Pics] Cybertruck suspension at high setting height (loading onto trailer and public streets)

    If you can offroad in a civic you're gonna be a bad ass in the CT! :) Like most things, skill and experience go a long way vs. just nice equipment - granted I do prefer both!
  10. FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    Start with a Sur-Ron and ease into it - just takes practice, be safe!
  11. FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    eMTB (110v) and eMoto charging (220v) Truck Camping Emergency for Home Use Charge other EV's in a pinch It's a truck, outlets add to the multipurpose nature- why wouldn't it have outlets - there's no reason not too! ... Imagine going to the motocross track in a CT (120kw+ battery) and then...
  12. Spotted: Bike carried in Cybertruck vault bed

    If CT Bed is 6'1" + 2' Tailgate (open) = 8' (aka 4x8 plywood metric). - 1' for Rear Bulkhead angle (eg not true 6'1" bed at tire height) = 7' usable length (vs. current trucks 8'6") = KTM Dirtbikes will fit aight with tailgate down! Plus you can turn the bike tires inward toward each other...
  13. Keeping Expectation Grounded

    100% agree - that's why I put a deposit on day 2 and month X (dont remember) - but I'm about 120k and 650k in line - hoping second one is the full config and has a few refinements - end goal is a sorted Max Motor/Full Tow & Range Spec Version
  14. FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    wonder why they keep showing an inverter / battery box in the frunk photo's? they going to make us buy an external device as an accessory - to get a charge from the frunk or even the bed? Clearly prefer outlets but who knows! Add an L-Track between the top 2 screws to put hooks on and keep...
  15. Closeups!! Dual Motor Cybertruck shows frunk open, alcantara headliner, perforated seats, rectangular steering wheel, VIN # (8/31 pics)

    There are no stalks on the steering column - they did this on the Model S/X refresh and now apparently on the just announced Model 3 refresh - so CT appears to be following suit. Turn Signals, Wipers, High Beams etc on wheel near buttons and Gear Selector is automagical with backup controls not...
  16. Keeping Expectation Grounded

    Definitely not a show stopper for me but I'd rather not have the rear screen - just because my current truck back seat takes a lot of abust loading things in it (especially when we put 3 moto gear bags back there every weekend)...and it will probably only be useful < 5% of the time that I have...
  17. UPDATE - CONFIRMED: Pirelli Scorpion ATR Tire (and base wheel) Package [8-28-2023] Update [9-11-2023]

    I just want a tire that will do 130mph, off-road/mud/snow, get great mileage, handle like my M3P summer performance tires and last 100k miles, are quiet, come in 35x11.5x20, dont get curb rash, etc - jeez, that much to ask, lol! :) My M3P OEM tires lasted 20k miles - granted I'm hard on them...
  18. Camo Cybertruck looks awesome on bridge vs. regular cars + good Rivian size comparison! (8/25 video) 😍

    I just did a trip from Windsor Co to Taylor Park CO (middle of nowhere) towing my big toy hauler - 2500 diesel could do the 250 miles each way on one tank of diesel (barely and it's a 32 gallon tank) - lots of elevation gain with Eisenhower pass, etc. Simulating an EV it shows as doable with a...
  19. At this point, we need a list of all the broken promises! 😉

    Im getting a CT regardless of what it does/doesnt come with feature wise: -- if it squats for bed loading - it's an improvement over my current truck for loading bikes -- if it has a ramp, awesome, I dont have to have separate ones --if it has none of the above I'll load it like a traditional...
  20. At this point, we need a list of all the broken promises! 😉

    Probably not a mass market need but I have a niche case that makes me really want it! Being 52yo and loading my KTM Dirtbike after riding 4-6 hours of gnarly single track in 90* weather - aka everything is sore and weak!. The adjustable suspension and ramp appeal a whole lot!