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    Steer By Wire - hope Cybertruck has it

    Steer by Wire is already on the market……Lexus has it. Great video below. Hope the CT has it. All Tesla needs to do is improve on it to get progressive steering to make the yoke wheel work great. Tesla has applied for steer by wire patents. Don’t be surprised to see it. youTube…”How Lexus...

    How Musk got the CT design idea

    :) A 1968 corny Italian comedy movie…. it even has similar wiper issues

    AIR SUSPENSION….looking forward to the smooth ride.

    The Benefits and Drawbacks of an Air Suspension System The Benefits and Drawbacks of an Air Suspension System The United States developed the air suspension system during World War II specifically for heavy aircraft. The original purpose of air suspension was to save weight with a compact...

    Solar charging idea….. ELON

    This could be a fairly inexpensive do it your self approach to keeping your batteries topped off. . 12 volt solar cells can be modified to charge at 48 Volts. There are also a few solar cell manufacturers that make them that even perform well partially shaded. It will only be 200 to 300 watts...

    Anyone concerned about the sunlight and heat build up under the large windshield surface?

    Is anyone else concerned about the sunlight and heat build up under the large windshield surface area under it? Besides a huge sun reflecting blocker when parked. is there a legal limit on the amount of mirrored reflection a windshield can have built into it?

    A TWITTER delay?

    Looks like Musk will be busy.....hope it doesn’t delay the Cybertruck.

    For anyone doubting self driving is coming

    Tesla Model Y earns five-star ANCAP rating | CarExpert

    The Cyber Truck may pay for itself.

    Everyone knows that this picture of a Tesla Power Wall that comes with a Tesla solar roof. But, did you know Tesla is now a Virtual Power company in California, and that it buys and sells electricity to power companies at peak demand when power can sell for 10 times normal? The new kicker is...

    Rivian BETA PHASE

    This is a repost of my response on the topic, which I thought was worth a new topic. Beta Phase……Rivian it was a real life adventure series called LONG WAY UP. Number three on Ewan McGregor‘s motorcycle adventures series. An AppleTV Series staring “Star-wars” Ewan McGregor. Great watch if...

    I wish Musk would consider this concept

    I have never really felt comfortable with the center screen concept the Tesla uses. It forces the driver to look to the side, and take their eyes off the road, instead of simply up and down. I know Tesla owners say you get used to this pretty quickly, but I think if they did testing they would...

    Fake Exhaust Review

    FAKE EXHAUST We definitely need a review. Take a blue pill and go back to your fake reality, or take a red pill to learn the truth about life

    Tire options on new truck

    I don’t want noisy mud tires. Alternative tires for ride, handing, and low noise. Can the truck be ordered with different tires?


    n SPACEX CYBER6 CYBERTRUCK CONCEPT One of the incredibly convenient things about Elon Musk running both Tesla and SpaceX is that planetary surface exploration vehicles are electric — and we don't think that's an accident. Exhibit number one is the Tesla Cybertruck that would perfectly at home...