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  1. FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    I just wanna know if it's an auto frunk or not.
  2. A tesla for the handicapped with hand brake and accelerator

    Hand accelerator and brake, I'd definitely be playing this song a lot.
  3. Got an E-mail from Tesla!!!

    LOL Same! My heart skipped a beat when I seen who the email is from but then I read the header... womp womp
  4. Tesla Cybertruck Site Update??? "Access Denied" Status

    Gus always catching strays here LOL
  5. Videos: Opening Cybertruck door and charge port cover

    Driver's seat is in easy access mode which pushes the seat all the way back and down. As for the door closing sound it does remind me of my '95 Toyota Tacoma tailgate! Loving the nostalgia lol
  6. RUMOR: Some Reservation Holders Are Receiving Delivery Dates

    Agreed. Also, First owners are probably going to be GigaTexas employees.
  7. The once and all FINAL Cybertruck introductory price thread

    Tri-motor will be $69,420. Come back here at the end of 2023 Q3 lol
  8. Cybertruck Spotted Again @ Tesla Engineering HQ (No Wiper Attached)

    You've heard of steer-by-wire. Get ready for wipe-by-wire!
  9. UPP Teases Early Cybertruck, Wheels

    So you're saying that we won't be scraping the lip of our rims on curbs? I'll take it lol
  10. Original Tesla Truck Concept

    I was thinking flat bed