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  1. Motortrend Piece on CT issues Not sure if they're typically pro Tesla/CT or not, but sharing non the less
  2. Cybertruck Tech - theories

    5 month old video, I just rewatched - but love the theories and if correct, awesome!
  3. Hopefully CT has lots of software modes - vs. the current tesla's that have adjustable functionality but not pre configured ride modes

    Rivian just added "snow" mode - that would be useful for my M3 here in Colorado. I ended up creating a driver profile for "Snow Mode" that has chill, lower regeneration, etc - it works but it's not going to cut it for the CT - to me the CT should have a variety of diff pre defined modes to...
  4. Think of all the cool things CT could do with driving modes and Tesla electronics/air suspension/multiple motors

    Had 15 min of spare time in my crazy work schedule....just trying to imagine what I'd do for driving modes & manual adjustability based off my M3P experience and thinking through truck usage....focused on functionality, obviously not ui design...hopefully Tesla comes up with some good stuff!
  5. First experience at Tesla dealership drove away unsuccessful and very turned off

    Denver Service Center, place was packed with year end deliveries...just wanted to look at a model 3, maybe sit in it before I ordered one...had the bug and wanted to dive in the deep end before the truck comes out....I drove 1 hour 15 minutes to get there. In any event, there's 1 parking spot...