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  1. 59sjordan

    Spotted: CyberTruck U-Turns (and F-150 comparison). Rear wheel steering in action

    Wow! I never noticed the skid mark before! Yikes!
  2. 59sjordan

    Windshield Wiper BAW in Action - video clip (8/26/23)

    I thought I was watching a video of the CT driving across a Martian construction site.
  3. 59sjordan

    Cybertruck size comparison vs. Tesla Model X, Y, 3, S (lineup photo)!

    I feel like the model Y looks huge in that picture. 🤷‍♂️
  4. 59sjordan

    Rear view mirror display screen confirmed in closeup photo?

    I would say if it was a mirror you would see the vault cover, but if it was a screen displaying a camera view, you would see outside of the truck. It would be useless to display inside the vault. Just my thoughts.....
  5. 59sjordan

    Cybertruck Wrapped in Urban Camo Spotted! (More Photos & Video Added)

    From what I can tell, I think it puts the sail pillar storage question to bed.
  6. 59sjordan

    Will there be white interior for the CyberTruck?

    I just passed the 25,000-mile mark on my white interior M3. I used those youtube videos to help me decide to go with the white interior. I've transported kids, potted plants, bags of soil, and many other things. I have yet to find anything that doesn't just wipe off with a baby wipe.
  7. 59sjordan

    Will there be white interior for the CyberTruck?

    I guess the poll should have asked, what color interior would you choose?
  8. 59sjordan

    Will there be white interior for the CyberTruck?

    To date, I haven't seen a white interior on any of the CyberTrucks. I really love the white interior of my current Tesla, and I hope they offer it in the CyberTruck! I know some of you wouldn't want it for a work truck, or serious off roading, but for me, my use case will be mostly Home Depot...
  9. 59sjordan

    What’s Our “Jeep Wave”? Cybertruck Wave

    I really thought this would be an overall thing for Tesla in general when I picked my Model 3 up a year ago. I've had 2 people wave to me...... It might actually be exhausting given how many Teslas there are, or how many CT's there will be.
  10. 59sjordan

    Starship Orbital Test Flight - 4/20 Launch

    I think that the launch for Monday was delayed on purpose so he could launch on 4/20.
  11. 59sjordan

    Latest Cybertruck spotted "off road" at Tesla Campus for Engineering Event!!! 👀 [VIDEO]

    Why all these light shows around the truck that should be able to do its own light show? 🤣
  12. 59sjordan

    Is this a Cybertruck casting / frame / part shown in video posted by Tesla?

    I'm thinking the best future travel method will be teleport. :ROFLMAO:
  13. 59sjordan

    Why Do Teslas Keep Smashing Emergency Vehicles? (Warning: Graphic images in article)

    To answer the question about paying attention while using FSD.... I am currently an FSD Beta tester with my M3, the answer is two parts. I find that I can relax and enjoy some parts of driving more when using FSD and other parts of my drive are more difficult and require much more attention...
  14. 59sjordan

    Cybertruck will turn heads

    Especially us reservation holders that haven't received ours yet!
  15. 59sjordan

    Franz Interview - Talks About Cybertruck Design, Petersen Exhibit, and Production Model Hints!

    When he says his favorite design is the one that is coming - that he can't talk about. (4 minute, 18 seconds into the video) I wonder if we will see that at Semi Launch?
  16. 59sjordan

    First gen cybertruck vs Second gen

    Another often overlooked feature of Tesla: although Tesla has added features to its cars since you took delivery, I think it's fair to say that your car has improved during those 20 months with over the air software updates. I took delivery of my Model 3 six months ago and my car is better than...