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  1. Cybertruck bed vault lighting is so clean (clearest photo yet)

    lol only if the back window can pump in some cool/warm air.. unless there is a plug in vault to allow for a space heater :D
  2. Reservation Change

    I'm mid 35k according to findmyelectric Dual motor Didn't reserve FSD but will likely buy it at checkout.. assuming list price of vehicle is close to what was revealed. Page missing details
  3. Spotted: CyberTruck U-Turns (and F-150 comparison). Rear wheel steering in action

    According to bing, its not full size.. its medium
  4. Article: CyberTruck an "oddity" and not as indicative of Tesla's future as Model 3 Highland -- Agree or Disagree?

    Do we know if it's still an exoskeleton? Curious if they'll do another demo of the armored glass
  5. Closeups!! Dual Motor Cybertruck shows frunk open, alcantara headliner, perforated seats, rectangular steering wheel, VIN # (8/31 pics)

    Let’s hope the price is on point for the dual motor. Also that frunk looks nightmarish. I’m curious about how windshield wiper fluid will work.
  6. Cybertruck Turo rental rate predictions?

    Personally I'd not be renting it out
  7. Keeping Expectation Grounded

    Crappy take. I'd be buying another Benz instead. Or an ICE Silverado
  8. Musk responds to Cybertruck pricing and specs announcement question (8/23/23)

    Cool story. What’s thee price and delivery timeline
  9. Release Candidate Cybertruck 4K Walkaround Video @ Giga Texas

    Where the side panel meets the frunk.. that line seems different
  10. How to up grade to Quad motor from Tri Motor AWD

    They don't have much of a choice when it comes to a truck. AWD is almost a given
  11. How to up grade to Quad motor from Tri Motor AWD

    Given that I didn't lock in cheap FSD, it's almost an incentive to target me earlier for sales lol. I do want FSD, just wasn't sure at time of reservation. OF course, this is entirely dependent on price of vehicle at release.
  12. It’s never been more expensive to buy a new car

    That has been the headline I’ve been seeing. Given the rates… even if the cybertruck comes in at $50,000 wouldn’t that be nearly $1,000 a month?
  13. Real or fake - early reservation holders notified ?

    Must be fake since I’m an early reservation holder lol