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  1. WormtownKris

    TFL video with the Silverado EV

    Even the 450 miles range is a bait and switch. The Google result says 450. The actual Silverado landing page says 400 miles* and the footnote says, "*On a full charge based on development testing and/or analytical projection consistent with SAE J1634 revision 2017 – MCT. Range subject to...
  2. WormtownKris

    Windshield Wiper (BAW) extreme closeup

    I think I might have to see if I can buy a spare LAWB (Long Ass Wiper Blade) at the delivery center when I pick up my CT!
  3. WormtownKris

    4680 Model Y pulled from US pre-order

    Well, drone video addicts like me have seen that they have had Austin production shut down for the past week, so, they're tooling up for something significant!
  4. WormtownKris

    PREDICTION: Cybertruck Accessory = Wireless Charging

    Does that there electro-pad work on a driveway?
  5. WormtownKris

    CT hubcap fitment (?)

    In this image, there ARE lines on the tire following the hubcaps. Are those drawn in by someone tracing it in pencil, or are those molded into the rubber? This photo almost looks like the hubcaps aligned that way on purpose.
  6. WormtownKris

    Spotted: CyberTruck U-Turns (and F-150 comparison). Rear wheel steering in action

    Nice. This vid should also put to rest the concern about not having red side marker lights on the rear. While turning we can clearly see that light housing turns the corner and illuminates the side and the rear.
  7. WormtownKris

    Musk: Tungsten Carbide Coating may be offered to scratch-proof Cybertruck. Overkill or oustanding?

    Wouldn't this make touch-ups much more difficult? I get that it may resist more scratches and scuffs, but when you inevitably scrape against something, doesn't this nullify the whole, "just buff it with a Brillo pad" detailing program?
  8. WormtownKris

    See the Cybertruck at Detroit Auto Show starting 9/16. Tesla returning after multi-year boycott

    Looks like they might be the only major North American automaker actually building cars that weekend. Why not strike while the enemy is sleeping (or decimated by a union strike).
  9. WormtownKris

    First EV road trip

    And when you are SuperCharging, there is a big difference in SC speed when you've programmed the SC into your route ahead of time vs just getting there and plugging in. On a recent trip to Maine we decided en route to make a quick stop and add ~15 minutes of charge on the ride up. The car only...
  10. WormtownKris

    Pricing ramifications for Cybertruck - based on recent FSD and Model 3 pricing changes

    But they've been selling Model Ys since early 2020. Mid-2022 is more than two years after release, and there is no order backlog in North America. I never suggested that prices do not move. But you seem to be suggesting above that at initial release they will jack up the price of the...
  11. WormtownKris

    Pricing ramifications for Cybertruck - based on recent FSD and Model 3 pricing changes

    That is a much refreshed and improved Model 3 for essentially the same price. Most/ many expected a higher price jump for better range, creature comforts and a fresh look, regardless of if it costs Tesla more or less to build it. Reveal night FSD was $7,000, not $6,000. Tesla might...
  12. WormtownKris

    Elon, please dont nerf my truck's HW4 MCU

    Likewise. I appreciate your viewpoint as well. I was once cynical about the lack of a binnacle and am currently cynical about the lack of steering column stalks. But after driving without the driver display, I quickly found that looking a few degrees over my right hand was more natural...
  13. WormtownKris

    Elon, please dont nerf my truck's HW4 MCU

    In 2019 the only anticipated EV trucks were the Rivian, Bollinger and Atlis (two ~vaporware vehicles). Major OEMs only jumped in after CT was announced. When I was awaiting my Model 3 in 2018, I had legitimate concern about the lack of the binnacle driver display. By the time I had made the...
  14. WormtownKris

    8/29: Cybertrucks spotted heading towards Fremont + unloading videos + reverse sound + open frunk look!

    Looks like it can hold a couple of golf bags, which hasn't been the speculative narrative around here recently.
  15. WormtownKris

    Seven various Cybertrucks spotted at GFTX today, including build "689"!

    Not clear enough but I think that's 691 next to it! Version 6, build 89 is what that breaks down to. I love how this circus trailer seems custom designed to literally "wedge" three Cybertrucks into it. Must be like a clown car when they keep the curtain walls up and not one, not two, but...
  16. WormtownKris

    Video: daytime rear light bar, brake light and turn signals in action on Cybertruck -- from 8/23

    Seems the full width light bar is essentially daytime running lights. (I like it!) And when the brake pedal is applied, it reverts to the brighter 3 light brake light set up. Typically, the middle brake light is higher than the tailights, but in this case they are on the same vertical plain...
  17. WormtownKris

    350 mile range Quad Motor rumored to be 1st trim launched

    If that were the metric, I'd highly suspect Tesla would then opt to prioritize the 10K dual motors. Twice as many CTs on the streets, and twice as many crossed off the waiting list. Most importantly, no matter what your personal guesses are for final prices, unless you feel the Tri Motor will...
  18. WormtownKris

    350 mile range Quad Motor rumored to be 1st trim launched

    Those gushing articles claiming Chevy/GM get 450 miles of range are all from May. The landing page for both the Silverado and the Sierra Denali both state Chevy/GM Estimated range of 400 miles. So, you might be basing your faith in the company on a "Trust Me, Bro".
  19. WormtownKris

    Couldn't stand the suspense so I called Tesla

    What's that word after the colon? The one that starts with an R? Also, Silverado is no longer a 450-mile range vehicle. Chevrolet's own landing page says "GM Estimated 400 Mile Range."
  20. WormtownKris

    Two Cybertrucks Up Close Driving By! 👂

    Probably a few years old. My 2018 Model 3 doesn't have PWS noise either. That law got mandated around September, 2020. @Gurule92 implied it was across the board, but older EVs do not have to be retrofitted. And I have to admit, in pedestrian heavy areas such as parking lots, people will...