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  1. Regenshire

    New roof rack / crossbar spotted on Cybertruck

    This. It's testing/calibration equipment.
  2. Regenshire

    'Master Candidate' Cybertrucks reportedly spotted at Giga Texas [updated w/ photos]

    That is a really stupid article. Some commenter on some blog page said they tore down an early Model X and claims that all Tesla's are bad products and customers who buy them are stupid. And from that the author of the article concludes that the Cybertruck is going to be a bad product. I do...
  3. Regenshire

    Reservation Change

    I did! Though I think there are some in this thread with lower reservations numbers then me, like Tokyov. It all depends on pricing, availability, and specs. If there is a tri at near announcement pricing of $69,990 then I would pull the trigger on it. That said, dual motor is sufficient for my...
  4. Regenshire

    Reservation Change

    Interesting. I wonder if there is a pattern between those who no longer see this and those who still see it. I no longer see my Design on the reservation page. There are two differences between us, we have reserved different models and we have different places in line. My Reservation: Dual...
  5. Regenshire

    Reservation Change

    Yes, it was definitely there last week and now it is gone on my page. They are obviously making some changes in their system, though its difficult to say if it means much. As Crissa said, it was always more of a survey then locking you into a specific model anyways.
  6. Regenshire

    Musk: Tungsten Carbide Coating may be offered to scratch-proof Cybertruck. Overkill or oustanding?

    I am 99% sure this is just Elon humor. I don't think this is something they will really offer.
  7. Regenshire

    Will the Cybertruck get the same STEAM Game access like the refreshed S & X?

    The CT is not a Tesla Halo vehicle like the X and S, it's a mid range vehicle more inline with the 3 and Y, as evidenced by what we have seen of its interior (not to mention announcement pricing placing it in the Y price range). For the same reason it likely wont have auto presenting doors, and...
  8. Regenshire

    Cybertrucks being unloaded from trailer in Palo Alto (+ out in Arizona sun 😎)

    The mode 3 has them. I have adjusted the frunk hood on mine before.
  9. Regenshire

    First Cybertruck trim priced from US$75,000

    The source is a rando on X/Twitter. I doubt it's credible.
  10. Regenshire

    Crash Tested Cybertruck Parked at Arkansas Hampton Inn Overnight [Interior + Exterior Pics]

    I doubt its sensify, as cool as that sounds. I don't think Brembo is planning for Sensify to come to market until end of 2024. My guess is that is an automatic tire inflater, which Tesla has a patent for. US20180297423 - AUTOMATIC TIRE INFLATION SYSTEM WITH THRU-HUB AIR FEED
  11. Regenshire

    Cybertruck Tire Prices

    These are much larger tires then those on a sedan like a Model 3, so this is about what I was expecting. Larger tires just cost more in general. Here is an image to show the tire size difference between these tires and those found on a Tesla Model 3. I do see some tires for as cheap as $217...
  12. Regenshire

    Someone on Twitter said they have access to the configurator

    It's fake. Got to love people just making stuff up for the laughs and attention.
  13. Regenshire

    Five years to fulfill all current orders? Nooooo!

    They already have a system that works. When order invites go out, you will be asked to configure and put down a non-refundable deposit ($2500 most likely, like with other Tesla's in this price range). They are not going to want to complicate things and piss off their customers. Your...
  14. Regenshire

    MKBHD: Will the Cybertruck outsell Ford F-150?

    To be fair to MKBHD, the hot take he was replying to was "The Cybertruck will outsell the F150 by 2026", not 2030. That is unlikely to happen for the reasons he mentions. Even if it has the demand for it, its unlikely Tesla would be able to ramp it fast enough to eclipse the current F150 numbers...
  15. Regenshire

    Order #

    I strongly believe Tesla will do this similar to the Model 3 reservations. What you choose in the pre-order screen is just data for them and likely won't lock you into ordering that model and a specific order queue. While it is possible what we selected there will matter, I personally think it...
  16. Regenshire

    Cybertruck specs and pricing announcement when?

    They are building release candidates, not production units. These are vehicles produced to test and refine the manufacturing line. We are likely months away from production units. It is the first built in Austin, but it is not production and we are still months away from any cars intended for...
  17. Regenshire

    Why is no one talking about this "Next Gen Platform?"

    This is what I thought it was as well because it is grouped with the Cybertruck just like the Y and 3 are grouped together and the S and X are grouped together. To me, it implies it is part of the same platform. No clue what segment the robotaxi might be in.
  18. Regenshire

    Why is no one talking about this "Next Gen Platform?"

    I recall from past mentions that the nextgen platform also contain a non-revealed entry level vehicle that Tesla plans to sell at much higher volume then the 3/Y. This would round out their offerings so they have a vehicle(s) with a low price of entry more comparable with lower priced ice...
  19. Regenshire

    Cybertruck Range Prediction + Cell Calculation + More [Sources]

    The 2023 Tesla Model X LR AWD with 20-Inch tires is rated at epa rated at 348 miles and it is rumored to have a 100 kWh battery size, plus or minus a few kilowatt (does anyone know for certain the battery size? Has it been confirmed?). I assume the Cybertruck will have worse efficiency due to...
  20. Regenshire

    Cyber cell is ready; no more range anxiety.

    Didn't they specifically say it was 10% over the existing 4680. Is that enough efficiency to get us to 500 miles in a relatively economical way? My gut (for whatever little that is worth) is telling me the initial release will not be at that range and we (or more accurately those who want/need...