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  1. Luftpilot

    Will the CT have tinted windows...

    ...or will that be an option? How about Transition windows (will adapt from clear to dark when exposed to sunlight). That would be cool. Elon...what's your take on that?
  2. Luftpilot

    Custom cover for your CT

    I am thinking to get a custom cover for my CT to protect it from weather, bird shit, people who want to see, if the windows are really bullet proof etc. Contacted a company called "CoverCompany" Awaiting their response. If we...
  3. Luftpilot

    Towing and charging

    I am wondering, when pulling my 37 ft travel trailer and need to pull in to a charging station, do I have to unhook my CT? I can hardly imagine, having the CT and trailer sitting at a charging station for an extended amount of time. Unless, Tesla is designing some "trailer friendly" stations...