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  1. LoneWolfO6

    Living in the Elon Fog of War

    We all are living in the fog of Elon and running out of Cybertruck topics with no real news from the Tesla top?! Do not remember this much fog with the Model Y?!
  2. LoneWolfO6

    Strait Line Winds, DVD Hail and the CT

    With the bad storms moving through the Midwest and South. Hope the CT is up to the challenge and doesn’t go cheap on molding and cosmetics with golf to DVD size hail in the future. Let’s go Stainless and armored glass!
  3. LoneWolfO6


    Cybertruck needs to hurry!
  4. LoneWolfO6

    Oklahoma HB 3994 Bill Bans Service Centers

    HB 3994 is currently being considered by the Oklahoma House Business and Commerce Committee. If the bill passes, Tesla notes that even some of its existing locations in the state may be forced to close down. More importantly, the bill may also result in Oklahoma-based Tesla owners having to...
  5. LoneWolfO6

    FSD Fact or Fiction? See a refund in the future? Hope they can get the human factor incorporated into the FSD tech. Similar to learning English for the first time, English being the hardest language to learn due to all the slang. The FSD just can’t get the human factor down to fully move to level 5...
  6. LoneWolfO6

    Connectivity to make your Tesla work? You already bought the car once, basically now have to pay to make the car radio work?

    When and if I decide to get a CT, I have one on order but still on the fence. Seems like a money pit, now before you get mad and start sending crazy responses read my concerns. The CT is $40, $60, and $70+K starting out, and then if you get add ons after or during your build process the price...
  7. LoneWolfO6

    If Tesla can raise pre existing Tesla roof contract, what to stop them from raising the pre orders of CT? So Tesla to recoup losses in solar they raise prices to consumers who have already signed contracts? Basically, “If you want your roof we signed and agreed to, before we install pay up!” Is that legal? And...
  8. LoneWolfO6

    Monthly Cybertruck Insurance Cost? Can consumer afford $500-$1000 financing and another $400-$500 insurance cost?