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  1. Luftpilot

    Badging on the rear of the Cybertruck?

    Hell no! First thing, I'll havem them remove.
  2. Luftpilot

    Cybertruck towing trailer seen in pull-through Supercharger design document

    What, if (when) non-Cybertrucks are using the pull throughs for charging? Banned from superchargers for life would be my recommendation.
  3. Luftpilot

    Powered Frunk Confirmed! Video shows frunk's unpowered motor moved against its gearing

    You were so close, why not just ask the guy :oops:
  4. Luftpilot

    Cybertruck parked on street in residential neighborhood [9/9 pics]

    Super cool! Who cares about parking, when you drive a Cyber....
  5. Luftpilot

    Cybertruck spotted parked in X (Twitter) building garage

    Like the wheel covers. Adds to the cyber look.
  6. Luftpilot

    We have a Drone Pilot - Giga Mexico

    Thank you! Love that look. It'll complement the CT nicely.
  7. Luftpilot

    Latest Cybertruck Delivery Rumors (as of 8/23/23)

    Any info on config, single/dual/tri motor? Thanks for the info.
  8. Luftpilot

    We have a Drone Pilot - Giga Mexico

    Gus, you have a DeLorian? Pretty cool. Do you have a pic?
  9. Luftpilot

    Windshield Wiper BAW in Action - video clip (8/26/23)

    Was hoping they put one on each side of the windshield. At least it would have cleaned the entire windshield, not just partially.
  10. Luftpilot

    What concept cars would you skip CT for?

    Maybe this one....
  11. Luftpilot

    How big do you WANT the Cybetruck to be?

    Thanks for your thoughts. Curious to find out, if the tailgate is detachable. At least in that case, I will be able to fit one bike. We shall see...
  12. Luftpilot

    How big do you WANT the Cybetruck to be?

    I need to load 2 Harleys and tow a travel trailer. Possible with my F-350. Can a CT do that :oops::oops:???
  13. Luftpilot

    Secret Cybertruck accessories parts team: What do you want them to make?

    Front AND rear hitch receiver. Can the tailgate be removed? If not, a removable tailgate. Front AND rear charging ports.
  14. Luftpilot

    New Cybertruck Body Shell photos taken INSIDE Giga Texas! 🤳

    No Kristen, it's the real thing. Look, she even has a license plate ;-)