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  1. Raebrek

    Tesla Is About to Put More Pressure on EV Prices (How slow IS the media)

    snip—————————— this was published today. Tesla recently unveiled a refreshed Model 3, but that’s not the only news. The brand announced a reduction in price for Models S and X by 15-19% on all trim levels. The company launched shorter-range variants of the vehicles, and owners looking to drive...
  2. Raebrek

    New EV charging system.

    I was watching a YouTube video on Munro Live and a reference was made to a new charging system for EV’s. I watched the video and then thought…. Where can I share this. This forum seems like a good place. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts. Hey, it’s all over my head. New EV Inverter...
  3. Raebrek

    I was looking for Tesla humor

    This is what I found. It is subtitled. The laughter is contagious. Tesla analyst discusses Tesla competition
  4. Raebrek

    Humor, I am going to Austin

    I am going to go to Austin Texas tomorrow because I have a niece graduating from college. I realize that I want to drive by the Tesla plant just be cause it is there. IF I should happen to see a Cyber Truck on that drive by, or somehow happen upon one. Which camera should I use. This IPhone 7...
  5. Raebrek

    Tesla Giga Texas receives fresh IDRA shipment, hints at new Giga Press machines

    A huge IDRA shipment was recently delivered to Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas facility. The arrival of another IDRA shipment suggests that Giga Texas may be setting up a new Giga press soon, possibly for a new production line. The unique IDRA box was recently spotted in a Giga Texas drone video...