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  1. 🚀 Cybertruck blasts around the Fremont test track - video

    Check out the full out acceleration from a stop at 20 second mark! 🚀 Captured by @omg_tesla Another clip
  2. Cybertruck spotted getting Chik-fil-A 🍗

    From @Firebolt92 who spotted a RC Cybertruck at Chik-fil-A in Sunnyvale. Aliens have to eat too! Walked out of Chik-fil-a in Sunnyvale on Wednesday and to my delight I was greated by a cybertruck pulling into the drive through. It was my first sighting and it was so much more exciting than I...
  3. Air suspension lowest vs. tallest height comparison pics (side by side Cybertrucks)

    Great catch by Jeff Roberts with a drone...
  4. 9K ton IDRA Gigapress for Cybertruck -- you thought you knew how big was until now 😳

    Holy $@#! I didn't realize true size of the Cybertruck Giga Press until now seeing a bunch of tiny ant human beings next to it.
  5. Cybertruck spotted parked in X (Twitter) building garage

    the only clear shots so far
  6. See the Cybertruck at Detroit Auto Show starting 9/16. Tesla returning after multi-year boycott

    Tesla will be displaying at the Detroit Auto Show (public days start next week on Sept 16) for the first time in many years and I think it's safe to expect that with the Cybertruck's imminent production launch there'll be at least one Cybertruck on display at the show.
  7. Cybertruck in new RC (Release Candidate) wrap!

    The flat surfaces everywhere on the Cybertruck is going to open up so many creative and cool wrap / vinyl / sticker ideas!
  8. Cybertrucks being unloaded from trailer in Palo Alto (+ out in Arizona sun 😎)

    From a Gregger RT And bonus shots from a spotting today in Arizona. Boy are people gonna need dark sunglasses when around the Cybertruck in full sun! 😎 And these are even dirty from transport!
  9. Cybertruck prices (from reveal night) adjusted for inflation

    Saw this posted by someone and thought it was an interesting data point. Cybertruck inflation-adjusted unveil prices: Single Motor RWD: $39,900 → ~ $47,500 Dual Motor AWD: $49,900 → ~ $59,500 Tri Motor AWD: $69,900 → ~ $83,000 Not to say this is necessarily predictive of eventual...
  10. Musk responds to Cybertruck pricing and specs announcement question (8/23/23)

    Musk (on 8/23/23): "When we are ready to do so, we will. While I think it is our best product ever, it is an extremely difficult product to build. We are in uncharted territory, because it is not like anything else."
  11. Video of Cybertruck at night -- all lights on + size comparison to Honda Pilot

    Spotted last night by @errodrigues on the 101 in San Mateo, CA! Cybertruck in traffic at night - showing all its lights. Passes a Honda Pilot SUV for a good size comparison look.
  12. NINE Cybertrucks shipping out! Flyover sighting by Joe Tegtmeyer

    Closeups of the 6 remaining Cybertrucks in the outgoing lot
  13. Cybertruck renderings and creations

    Just imagine a void in the shape of the Cybertruck. :ROFLMAO: Posted this in another thread earlier