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  1. madquadbiker

    Reservation Change

    Time does fly when you’re on this forum.
  2. madquadbiker

    Cybertruck bed vault lighting is so clean (clearest photo yet)

    Wow and now carbon capture 👍
  3. madquadbiker

    Purported Tesla Employee Confirms No 240v Outlet

    Maybe going with a breakout box of tricks connected to the charging port, was it GM offering something like that?
  4. madquadbiker

    Reservation Change

    What date was your second reservation?
  5. madquadbiker

    Confirmed Cybertruck specs: 5% smaller, 6x4 bed size, 5 seats, frunk, no pass through & more... (info from Tesla employee at Investor Day)

    So you only need Tesla to allow bidirectional charging and your good to go, how large is the battery in the MS?
  6. madquadbiker

    Does Ford Have an EV demand issue?

    Guessing they know the CT is almost here and surely it can’t be much longer.
  7. madquadbiker

    PREDICTION: Cybertruck Accessory = Wireless Charging

    Now that would stop the naughty people from stealing the copper cables.
  8. madquadbiker

    Video: Cybertruck Vents Air Suspension Pressure While Lowering! 💨 + Close Look at Bed Vault!

    On my Accuair Endo VT air tank each valve has a 10 step air flow adjuster for raising and lowering the air spring, so you can not only have the vehicle go up and down level but you can also control the speed of the rise and fall independently. I can’t wait for Sandy to get his hands on the CT.
  9. madquadbiker

    Rollover Crash Tested Cybertruck w/ airbags deployed & smashed interior (back seat look)!

    That was one hell of a shopping trolley, would that be a standard test for all vehicles and if so it would be good to see some pictures of the Rivian and Ford to compare.
  10. madquadbiker

    I predict Delivery Day will be bumped to October

    Wolverine coming sooner than expected?
  11. madquadbiker

    Will "Joe the Contractor" buy the CT?

    Maybe trying to find a filling station that’s still operating will become a thing, just like a lack of charging points at the moment, I wonder what year the seesaw will tip over that point.
  12. madquadbiker

    Cybertruck in Europe still no sign…

    Any of the numerous vehicle transports loaded with the CT‘s seen heading towards any docks?
  13. madquadbiker

    [Video + Pics] Cybertruck suspension at high setting height (loading onto trailer and public streets)

    That looks to be around twice the length of my 5 gallon Accuair Endo CVT tank, the larger the capacity of the tank the better performance of the system and you may get a couple of full cycles before the compressor kicks in, mind you those bags are going to hold a lot of air at full height, I’m...
  14. madquadbiker

    FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    Wouldn’t a powered one pull it down tighter for a better seal especially when it’s in boat mode.
  15. madquadbiker

    Anyone seen the Cybertruck accelerate and drive really fast?

    Only in my head, obviously right hand drive as well.
  16. madquadbiker

    Mounting anchor points on Cybertruck roof and bed (photo) for racks, parts, accessories

    Solar PV rail mounting points, I wonder how many PV panels would fit from tailgate to windshield In landscape mode.
  17. madquadbiker

    A look at interior of glass roof / cabin ceiling

    Looks like the door is just set to high.
  18. madquadbiker

    Fleet of Cybertrucks loading onto carriers at Giga Texas -- video from 8/26/23

    The tailgate looks like it has a protective film.