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  1. Dusty

    Tesla's head of AI / Autopilot is leaving after 5 years

    What do you think? Is Tesla's AI so well developed that he swipe-clapped his palms a few times and said "Welp! My job is done! Y'all got it from here, right?"
  2. Dusty

    TFL Says the Cybertruck Will Flop

    Basically, they believe Tesla hasn't said or shown anything to believe. They think Tesla won't have high CT sales because, reasons. They also think Ford will make their Lightning 150k goal, and the CT is too late. 🙄 I'll say it again-When the CT comes out, so many doubters will be eating...
  3. Dusty

    So, Let's Talk About Size Again...

    I fiddled around with the images we got tonight and once again applied my pixel gimmick... So, we now know for sure the CT is on 35 inch tires. We also have a clear image of the truck in profile. Chip Geek's photo was taken with a Pixel camera, so I used lens correction software for the...
  4. Dusty

    Rivian Production is Paltry

    RIvian just put out that due to 'supply constraints' they will only be able to produce 25k vehicles total, across all of their vehicle lines. Average production right now is about 350 vehicles per month since the start of 2022, and they aim to hit 200k per year in 2 years...
  5. Dusty

    Make Your Cybertruck Size Guess. How big will it be?

    In another thread I described why I think the CT will be 81" x 220" and I'll go over it again below. I grabbed an overhead image of the latest prototype and resized it so that each if pixel were an inch it would reveal what the proportions of the body would be. I started with the roughly...
  6. Dusty

    What Aftermarket Wheels Are You Thinking About for Your CT?

    I'm most likely going to pick my own wheel set to put on. I'm guessing Cybertruck's stock wheels and tires will be desirable, making them an easy sell. I'm going for 35" or 37" BF Goodrich KM3 tires. I've used a version of KMs since 1999. They've been GOLD. For wheels, a set of Fuel...