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  1. BillyGee

    Cybertruck bed vault lighting is so clean (clearest photo yet)

    Why do those sidewalls look like they're at an angle?
  2. BillyGee

    FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    If I were a betting man, I would guess that they sized that frunk for these toolboxes since they are the industry standard. At least tall enough for the large box, hopefully, 2 side by side with room in the middle or sides. If they used these as a baseline the "not a real work truck"...
  3. BillyGee

    Jailbreak Tesla

    I think it could be argued they did you a favor in this case. That would be a hilarious easter egg and anti piracy trick akin to old video games that put in unkillable enemies.
  4. BillyGee

    New Cybertruck Frunk Look + New Wheels Style! [8/13/23]

    I want to see if they can fit a Milwaukee toolbox in the frunk, ideally, a pair of them side by side would be enough for most worksites.
  5. BillyGee

    Glass roof top?

    We put up a mesh in the Y for the baby, but besides that, the roof heat had never been an issue.
  6. BillyGee

    Whadabout the window debacle

    I'm sure we'll see a spate of sentry footage clips of people thinking they're clever by throwing things at cyber trucks when they first hit the streets.
  7. BillyGee

    Cybertruck pricing hinted by Musk's comment on "expensive" F-150 Lightning (even after today's $10K price cut)? 🤔

    If a McDonald's employee was wrong about orders at the same rate that Jim Cramer is wrong about markets, they would have been fired years ago.
  8. BillyGee

    First Day Orders -- what's the date of email with your reservation number?

    I never got a formal estimate on the date of delivery, but I did order within the first hour and based on the reservation tracker and about 7,200 in line. Hopefully I will have mine before the end of the year.
  9. BillyGee

    The Delivery Countdown Has Begun

    I booked mine in the first 5 minutes, but I'm still anticipating it being closer to a December delivery. I'm picturing getting my email on thanksgivings day, or perhaps some other equally inconvenient time.
  10. BillyGee

    The Competition: 2024 Silverado EV Reviews Are In

    I love how these articles can't help but reference the cybertruck in their title every time. They are the reason why Tesla doesn't need an advertising wing. There's no getting around the fact that the Silverado is basically just their version of the lightning, an okay electric truck that they...
  11. BillyGee

    Living Vehicle RV, the perfect Cybertruck trailer

    I just wonder what problem this solves that a harbor freight solar kit with a few panel expansions doesn't. Throw those in the bed and set them up on top of a normal trailer when you arrive. With your mobile connector plugged into the 240VAC out you can get decent recharge, especially if you're...
  12. BillyGee

    🚨 Rivian Adopts Tesla NACS Standard!

    Suddenly a Rivian is a much more interesting prospect.
  13. BillyGee

    What will the CT offer for Entertainment Systems?

    Slacker is built in for free without ads, it's surprisingly robust if you just want music and offer HD audio built in. You can also Bluetooth in anything you want without issue.
  14. BillyGee

    More Cybertruck Castings Pile Up at GFTX!? (06.02.23)

    Now all we need to see is a middle casting and we'll be able to assemble our own cybertrucks from scrap