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  1. Want a Cybertruck Teardown? Here's How You Can Help - Munro

    Elon: "Are you ready? Sit down now, you'll want to be sitting down for this next part... The Cybertruck will cost less than $65k with FSD and tax. I know... I know"
  2. Jay Leno Drives Tesla Semi!

    Jay Leno is a turkey?
  3. Share your “Plan B” if the CT is priced in the stratosphere

    Model Y... which I already have lol. There is no other option, this had been my next vehicle since a month after reveal.
  4. Graffiti Wrap Cybertrucks First Look (Spotted in Mexico)!

    If this was the case is it televised or anything so people can watch?
  5. Cybertruck spotted parked in X (Twitter) building garage

    Being 14th on the 18th most dangerous cities ain't that bad... Seeing as how there are 317 cities with a population over 100k this is still a pretty dangerous place to be ( 14th out of 317 means there are 303 safer "big cities"...
  6. Cybertruck spotted parked in X (Twitter) building garage

    The dash is so you can have a griddle up front and open a pancake making food truck. Has anyone noticed that the seat belts are CT themed as well? Very much form follows function with it's square shape.
  7. Windshield wiper sweep examples

    Can you clarify? Are you saying that no passenger vehicles can have lights on top and turned on while driving on public roads?
  8. I got a CyberSpoon...

    My wife told me no :(😭
  9. Petersen to auction off 2024 Cybertruck at their annual Gala event!

    Is it confirmed or are we assuming they take delivery that night? I was under the impression that only employees could have the vehicle until EPA and NHTSA testing is completed?
  10. Cybertruck Launch Team apparel being distributed to employees for imminent delivery event!!

    Are they accepting volunteers to help staff the event?
  11. Night time Cybertruck walkarounds [videos]

    It's interesting because they, in one minute, went through the entire checklist of mainstream complaints.
  12. Night time Cybertruck walkarounds [videos]

    And no back seat shot
  13. Resale value at launch

    Do you know what the vin number is of your grail? That will determine how much you can get for it. I think this is the chart to use to determine pricing:
  14. Does Ford Have an EV demand issue?

    Just to be clear, they dropped the prices of CCS vehicles to combat the Osbourne effect of producing NACS vehicles next year, right?
  15. Resale value at launch

    I'm not a lottery person, actually living in Utah most of my life meant the lottery was not even an option. So when you say that you made a major financial decision around the hope of winning the lottery that send crazy to me. I realize a $100 refundable deposit isn't a commitment, but I do...
  16. Reservation Change

    Either they are doing A/B aka split testing, or some people have a cached version in their browser or some people have a cached version of the page for their region's server. I can't imagine they put in special logic to show different pages based on trim or order position. That would be...
  17. I got a CyberSpoon...

    I don't know. They made a ton of those gold plated Pokemon cards at Burger King 20 years ago and I see those for a couple hundred bucks now
  18. Cybertruck bed vault lighting is so clean (clearest photo yet)

    It's it possible these images were a fake/plant to get people to think the passthrough wasn't happening?