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  1. DMC-81

    Tesla’s Master Class In Modular Assembly

    /s Nah, GM has got them beat. More and heavier is better!! Check out these numbers: Hummer EV battery pack: 257 fasteners total 3500 welds total upper carrier: 105 Indvidual stamped components. main housing 139 individual stamped components 2,818 lbs. (1,287 KG) Source: Sarcasm aside this...
  2. DMC-81

    Cybertruck top speed acceleration from stop light! 🚀 Don't blink! 😳

    Wow! Some observations: 1) When the CT is stopped, I noticed a red Ford truck just a half car length behind it in the lane next to it 2) The extent of the Cybertruck's instant acceleration is muted in the video by the fact that the videographer is following it in a Tesla 3) At 0:45 we see the...
  3. DMC-81

    Florida & East Coast keep your eyes peeled! Cybertruck spotted near SpaceX / Cape Canaveral

    I wonder what the time frame is for when it will be at the Space Coast. I'd definitely make a trip over there on the weekend if it's going to be accessible. Alternatively it would be nice for it to make a visit to a Tesla delivery / service center in the Orlando area.
  4. DMC-81

    Cory Steuben’s New Gig: Lucid Motors

    Again, I know how it works, and again It looks bad. The comparisons I drew were to illustrate that point based on what was happening in the company and the market at the time the shares were sold. The share price peaked in Q4 2021 and halved from roughly $40 to $20 and the delivery estimates...
  5. DMC-81

    Cory Steuben’s New Gig: Lucid Motors

    The CEO pay is not confusing to me, and I still feel it is insane in this instance. Optically, it looks bad timing-wise. Also, Lucid to Tesla is not a good comparison IMO. Tesla is now an established leader in EVs, with healthy and growing manufacturing volume. They produced 1.37 million...
  6. DMC-81

    Cybertruck: Autobot or Decepticon

    Correct. Gigawatt lives in the garage.
  7. DMC-81

    Cory Steuben’s New Gig: Lucid Motors

    Good luck to Cory. Although, this factoid prevents me from looking at the brand seriously and certainly investing in their stock. "Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson's compensation for 2022 was higher than any other car company's CEO, according to this year's Automotive News CEO Compensation Survey. The...
  8. DMC-81

    Cybertruck: Autobot or Decepticon

    Well, it would have to be an Autobot, otherwise there would be an epic fight in my driveway! LOL
  9. DMC-81

    Cybertruck parked in (test driver's?) house driveway and showing excellent fit & finish

    I agree. Looks very tight. Also, this looks like the same one posted in the other "Master Candidate" thread. Note the different colored recovery hooks.
  10. DMC-81

    'Master Candidate' Cybertrucks reportedly spotted at Giga Texas [updated w/ photos]

    Looking good! By the way, I thought I recognized those car covers. I use the same brand on my vehicles that have to sit outside.
  11. DMC-81

    🕶️ Elon takes Prime Minister Netanyahu for a Cybertruck spin and interior look! [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Nice video, thanks for sharing, Greggertruck! Some observations on the full video: 1) Is this the first Head of State to tour a Tesla factory and/or ride in the Cybertruck? If it is, Prime Minister Netanyahu is leading the way. 2) The Cybertruck ride along with security detail around and...
  12. DMC-81

    Musk: Tungsten Carbide Coating may be offered to scratch-proof Cybertruck. Overkill or oustanding?

    The grade of stainless steel used on the DeLorean was 304.
  13. DMC-81

    What is this with GigaAustin tours?

    Agree. Tesla should do this when they are ready. I recall Elon saying that Giga Austin would be a destination. Parks on the factory grounds, tours, factory pickup, etc. Does anyone recall this? When you order a Corvette you can select Corvette Museum Delivery for approximately $1,000. At a...
  14. DMC-81

    Concept Cars That Let You Down

    While we are waiting for the crazy, polarizing Cybertruck concept to actually be produced, I'm curious to know what other concept vehicles you saw that made you excited about the future but never happened or at least as shown? For example, I remember watching this episode of Top Gear where they...
  15. DMC-81

    CT hubcap fitment (?)

    Agreed. Another possibility: The tire wasn't aligned properly to the spokes of the rim when it was installed. It looks like this missing cap separated from its frame which is still attached to the rim. If the cap only clips on one way onto to the 7 spokes of the rim, then perhaps proper tire...
  16. DMC-81

    Delorean or Cybertruck? Kelce 'Bash Brothers' comment...

    I know. The answer is the same. At car meets all across the country, I predict organizers will park these 2 vehicles adjacent to one another for that one two visual punch. It's like the DeLorean and the Tesla Model X.
  17. DMC-81

    Delorean or Cybertruck? Kelce 'Bash Brothers' comment...

    DeLorean or Cybertruck? Agree: Both.
  18. DMC-81

    Any 500mi range updates?

    I'm curious to see the weight on a Tesla battery pack for possible 400 or 500 mile spec. I see for the dual motor Model Y in the standard range of 280 miles version, the 4680 pack weighs 1,198 pounds (543 kilograms) Interestingly, that is with seats, console, and carpet included. Source...