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  1. Jhodgesatmb

    Saw my first Cybertruck today!

    On my way home today I saw a Cybertruck on Highway 92 coming down from Skyline or perhaps from Half Moon Bay. I was SO excited! Unfortunately, 92 in this location is a windy mountain road and 1 lane in each direction so there was no way to get a picture or video. I know that Cybertruck sightings...
  2. Jhodgesatmb

    'Master Candidate' Cybertrucks reportedly spotted at Giga Texas [updated w/ photos]

    Updated 9/25: Original post 9/23: This was posted by Joe Tegtmeyer on Patreon (and maybe X?) yesterday. I see some visual differences in this Cybertruck instance but the truck is far away and they may be a visual illusion. Potentially good news if there is any truth to the rumor...
  3. Jhodgesatmb

    What is this with GigaAustin tours?

    Seen on Electrek this morning: I would like to think that buying a Cybertruck and picking it up at the factory would entitle us to a tour without jumping through extra hoops - especially after going through this...
  4. Jhodgesatmb

    Anyone seen the Cybertruck accelerate and drive really fast?

    All of the driving we have been shown in videos, such as driving around town, at GigaAustin, on the Fremont test track, in Iceland, and in New Zealand it is driving pretty slowly but it has been advertised with some pretty awesome specs. Has anyone seen it (since the unveiling) showing any of...
  5. Jhodgesatmb

    Its time to set our sights on a new milestone

    My internal list of Cybertruck milestones went like this: - visual evidence of CT giga castings - visual evidence of exoskeletons/BIWs - visual evidence of early manufacturing line vehicles (RCs) - visual evidence of several CTs in the parking lot - visual evidence of NHTSA safety, crash and...
  6. Jhodgesatmb

    3mm stainless steel - wow

    Every once in a while I return to wondering just how strong 3 mm hardened stainless might be. This morning I went outside and measured the thickness of a piece of flat steel that I have lying around and it is 1/8" (or 3 mm). This sucker, which is much softer than hardened stainless, is a beast...
  7. Jhodgesatmb

    Ready, so ready

    I am SO ready to see a Cybertruck BIW come off the new production line. Everything else is just dulling my senses. Please let it happen, please, please...
  8. Jhodgesatmb

    Something BIG delivered to the GigaAustin die casting area today? - Brad Sloan video

    Just saw this on Brad Sloan's video for today. It "looks like" one of those humongous trailers for super heavy items like IDRA components, but the component was already off loaded. Anyone know?
  9. Jhodgesatmb

    More IDRA Gigapress Parts Delivered to Giga Austin!

    I am watching Brad Sloan's video from today and at 8:00 minutes in I see 4 IDRA shaft crates? Confirmation?
  10. Jhodgesatmb

    IDRA shipping a gigapress transatlantic

    Just saw a post on IDRA’s LinkedIn site showing Gigapress components in boxes ready to ship and the caption says they are coming in our direction. This news is consistent with earlier posts I made about IDRA building a new 9KT gigapress for Tesla...
  11. Jhodgesatmb

    Elon teases FSD V11 Wide Release on Teslarati

    I am looking forward to trying it out myself:
  12. Jhodgesatmb

    IDRA Assembling a new Neo 9000 for Tesla?

    According to the following post (2 days ago, but was itself a follow up from another more than a week ago), IDRA is in the final assembly stages of a new Neo 9000 for Tesla (Tesla colors)...
  13. Jhodgesatmb

    Another IDRA 9KT Gigapress?

    Someone posted this from IDRAs LinkedIn page today. It was posted about a day ago, and shows a new 9KT Gigapress being assembled. It seems to have Tesla colors. Maybe a second gigapress for Giga Austin ?
  14. Jhodgesatmb

    Happy New Year Cybertruck Owners Forum!

    2023 is going to be wild!
  15. Jhodgesatmb

    Cyybertruck suspension source same as Rivian?

    Just saw this on Teslarati and when I read "other manufacturers" I thought Tesla. Thoughts?
  16. Jhodgesatmb

    Brembo brakes on Cybertruck?

    I went to the Petersen Automobile Museum yesterday to see the Cybertruck in person. With everyone saying it is a monster I wanted to know what I signed up for (I am 5’7”). I found it to be normal for a full-sized pickup in length and height and quite wide. Definitely doable. While at the...
  17. Jhodgesatmb

    Cyberquad musings

    This morning I was reviewing news on NewAtlas and came across this Indiegogo program for a stand-up electric quad...
  18. Jhodgesatmb

    Wouldn't it be great to have some new, real CT news?

    I would take anything: - Feature updates - Specs updates - Pricing updates - Exterior/Interior updates - Manufacturing updates - Availability updates - Options updates - Regulatory updates But it would have to come from Elon/Tesla. I will still read and add my 2 cents worth to user-submitted...
  19. Jhodgesatmb

    Ford working on a robo-charger

    I just saw this on New Atlas: Ford says that it is for disabled BEV drivers and commercial vehicles but it seems odd that they have the disabled person hauling a wheel chair out of a Ford Mach-e when a Tesla might drive that person right to where they want to go (and Tesla did some work on...
  20. Jhodgesatmb

    Cybertruck width oh my!

    I was in my kiteboarding site parking lot yesterday and there is a noted increase in the number of people driving and parking 'transit' type vans and one of them decided to park next to my Model Y (luckily I was done and almost ready to leave). So what's the point? The point is that I started...