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  1. Newton

    Want a Cybertruck Teardown? Here's How You Can Help - Munro

    i didnt watch the video. but Apparently Monroe is supposed to be some wiz of lean manafacturing, but nearly everything he says is so completely basic and like DUH, its annoying.
  2. Newton

    Pepsi's Tesla Semi Covers 1,600 Miles In Under 48 Hours

    I was talkin to a dude in Sacramento who was saying theres some tesla semis that pick up stuff in reno area and come to CA to drop off and go back with more charge than when they left. if thats true its kinda crazy!
  3. Newton

    Model 2 ($25k model) & Robotaxi will be Cybertruck inspired -- according to upcoming Musk biography

    I thought the mexico factory was gonna be almost entirely for the new car, not giga texas. He once said something about die cast toy cars basically saying "lets do that!"
  4. Newton

    Anyone have experience wrapping vehicles? Vinyl cost?

    u can buy wd40 by the barrel load. :LOL:
  5. Newton

    Latest Cybertruck Delivery Rumors (as of 8/23/23)

    Sound like this might be from ELOn. through "leaked" channels (y) :) yay! thanks dude
  6. Newton

    Elon sends employees email on Cybertruck build quality: accuracy & tolerances must be in microns -- "Precision predicates perfectionism."

    thats machining tolerances, not pressing... not sure what elons smoking...wait never-mind. but still its a good sign hes pushing for this type of stuff, but CEO talk ya kinda expect "do 500Billion!" when he expects 100million
  7. Newton

    Couldn't stand the suspense so I called Tesla

    believing some 1 selling u an expensive product... I have some stuff to sell u
  8. Newton

    Cybertruck F-150 spotted driving around Palo Alto streets (8/14/23)

    NGL this is making the f150 look kinda cool, maybe ill geta lighting instead :LOL:
  9. Newton

    New wheels / aero wheel covers spotted on Cybertruck -- 7/31/23

    maybe. just maybe they are intakes for impellers 🙃
  10. Newton

    CyberRack -- stowable Cybertruck bed rack (stores in vault)

    cool idea, I would personally prefer it in a bag of just straight pieces that u take out and put together. or maybe just the cross members, so u still have a good amount of flat bed area.
  11. Newton

    HD Walkaround Video of Camo Beta Cybertruck!

    looks so cool. im excited to see al the different wraps.
  12. Newton

    Cybertruck wrapped like an ICE F-150 🧐 Frunk Open Look (No Tub Installed)

    by the end of this august... thats a bold statement. i would take u up on it if u are actually that confidant.
  13. Newton

    Cybertruck V2V Bidirectional Charging Confirmed in new Tesla service center coloring books?

    cant teslas charge on 120v (which will be in the CT). this means nothing :LOL:
  14. Newton

    Tesla Boring Tunnel Van (Sort of) Leak?!

    so far it looks like a welding shop project. will they beautify it 🙃?
  15. Newton

    Spoiler/wing on the roof for less drag

    I wonder at what speed the sharp point would start to drastically reduce efficiency. I love aerodynamics, and being a motorcycle rider, you can feel what the "wind" is doing behind some vehicles. its pretty cool. my complete random guess is somewhere around 85+ it will start to create more...
  16. Newton

    Great time for Cybertruck PRICING PREDICTIONS

    Im sure somone mentioned it before, but Elon has (many times) talked about how their prices have increased (as has most of the world) hinting that they wont be able to keep the CT price the same as launch prices. my guess is 50k for base :{ outside my price for sure, unless my order comes up...
  17. Newton

    SAE is Standardizing NACS Connector

    but what about my leaf :cry: :LOL:
  18. Newton

    Franz breaks out Cybertruck for Cars And Coffee @ Petersen! Driving & closeup! Tonneau!

    im really bummed the dashboard is so bland and non-useful