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  1. ModelAZ

    Musk shows Cybertruck to Hungarian president Katalin Novak at Giga Texas' completed new entrance

    President of Hungary Katalin Novak and Elon's son gets some seat time in a Cybertruck parked at the front of Giga Texas with its fancy new entrance which was just completed. 🤩 VIDEO: PHOTOS: New Giga Texas HQ Entrance unveiled by Elon More pics
  2. ModelAZ

    [Videos added] Cybertruck gets new wrap! Minecraft low-res digital camo style 📸

    Cybertruck in new camo wrap spotted in Bay Area today by kjoule11. Videos
  3. ModelAZ

    Pepsi's Tesla Semi Covers 1,600 Miles In Under 48 Hours
  4. ModelAZ

    Cybertruck spotted in Central Valley CA, passing Dodge Ram for size comparison

    Cybertruck spotted in Atwater, CA (Central Valley). Happens to pass an previous gen Dodge Ram (2500 or 3500) for a quick size comparison VIDEO PHOTOS
  5. ModelAZ

    UFO! Cybertruck wheel cover flying off on freeway (video) 🛸

    And this is why prototypes are driven around and tested in real world extensively. Better to catch these things now than when there's hundreds of thousands on the road :)
  6. ModelAZ

    RC Decal'd Cybertruck spotted at Las Vegas Tesla Supercharger [new video added]

    New video with nice long ogling of the RC Cybertruck 😋 Spotted by Dima Zeniuk at Las Vegas Supercharger Station. And a great video from Greggertruck
  7. ModelAZ

    Rear wheel steering turning radius showoff by Cybertruck in cul de sac u-turn video

    Cybertruck shows off the tight turning radius that its rear wheel steering is capable of! Video captured by @mignoramus
  8. ModelAZ

    DRL, headlights, fog lights, sidemarkers, tail light bar ON in night time video (on Tundra Cybertruck leaving supercharger)

    The Tundra Cybertruck spotted at night leaving a Supercharger in San Jose... showing all lights on -- headlight bar, fog lights, sidemarkers, tail light bar.
  9. ModelAZ

    Cybertruck now wrapped as Toyota Tundra!! 🤣 [Video]

    Tesla has now wrapped a Cybertruck as a green Tundra. 🤣 First the F-150 and now the Tundra. Your move Ford and Toyota! ♟️ Here's some videos! Rear view
  10. ModelAZ

    Camo Cybertruck looks awesome on bridge vs. regular cars + good Rivian size comparison! (8/25 video) 😍

    I always thought the Cybertruck looks most impressive and futuristic when you see it in regular traffic among other 'regular' cars -- like here. The Oakland Bay Bridge backdrop is extra eye candy too. Video taken 8/25/23 by u/theecurtisplatt Rivian R1S dimensions for comparison: Wheelbase...