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  1. Throwcomputer

    Tesla Semi/CT VIN Investigations

    I've been scouring the NHTSA VIN database api for info on the new Livewire S2 Del Mar, trying to figure out the VIN prefixes/etc for that bike and hopefully to glean when release is imminent. All this talk on the order update page got me thinking I should also do that for the Cybertruck. So...
  2. Throwcomputer

    Business Insider: Tesla's Cybertruck is finally coming. It's going to rattle rivals and transform the EV market as we know it.

    The opposite of FUD from a mainstream industry source: Tesla's Cybertruck is finally coming. It's going to rattle rivals and transform the EV market as we know it. Cybertruck is set to be "the Hummer of the 2020s." The...
  3. Throwcomputer

    Let's get down to the real or imagined demand for a Midgate

    Edit: to clarify since you can't edit poll options after people start answering them.. question is do you absolutely need the midgate and will be pissed off if not included (useful) or do you not care either way (useless). Granted this is not scientific as this forum is most likely a higher...
  4. Throwcomputer

    Stainless steel rolls spotted during delivery to Giga Texas today (9/20/22) ?

    Per Jeff Robert's video today: Looks like a really interesting delivery not mentioned yet... Is that what I think it is? Sample rolls of steel to possibly start testing a certain piece of equipment?! :)
  5. Throwcomputer

    MyTeslaWeekend Rumor - Dual Motor only for the first 500k units produced!

    Brian from MyTeslaWeekend has some new juice... take it what you will. Get through all the other stuff, but around 9:40 in, he starts talking about some leaks he's heard from his sources at Tesla. 1.) Semi will be using plaid or plaid-similar carbon wrapped motors and they are cranking...
  6. Throwcomputer

    EV credit for Motorcycles Incentive Bill Text interpretations/opinions?

    I assume its been mentioned in other threads, but I don't see any thread devoted to it. I see many articles mentioning the EV credit for motorcycles is no longer included in the final bill, but I also see that the way the bill is written does not specifically preclude 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles...
  7. Throwcomputer

    Austin Model Y 4680 preliminary production rates

    Estimating approximately 500 per week/2k per month.
  8. Throwcomputer

    Airstream EV
  9. Throwcomputer

    UPDATED PRICING (Post Inflation fears): Harley Livewire S2 Del Mar launching today at 12:40 CST

    Only info up right now is $100 reservation for spring 2023 launch. No info on refundable reservation or anything else. 2 hours we'll see. I'm ready to put a deposit down as long as it's refundable. But I would only buy it if it came in under 10k which I highly...
  10. Throwcomputer

    Ford to build 600k EV's/yr by end of next year and has 2nd EV truck in the works

    They are claiming to be gunning for Tesla's EV market share.. specifically the leader in EV Truck market share. Have a second EV pickup truck model in the works separate from the F-150 Lightning. 600k EV's by end of next year. 2 million + EV's a year within 4 years. While I find it a bit of...
  11. Throwcomputer

    Strong Non-Tesla EV presence at the 2022 New York International Auto Show I'm not commenting on the quality of those EV vehicles with a presence at the auto show, just that there are quite a few models/brands presenting fully electric cars/suvs/trucks at this weekend's auto show at the Javitz center. I will be going, cause its right...
  12. Throwcomputer

    CT Steel manufacturing plant begins operations next month.

    Good signs of End of 22 Initial CT production! Giga Texas getting the massive bridge crane beams installed for 8K giga presses, and now the exoskeleton factory is beginning production in a month! BySimon Alvarez...
  13. Throwcomputer

    In response to huge preorder for CT, everyone else ripping their style now.

    Jeep getting in on the action: Honda jonesing for the 80s post apocalypse as well...
  14. Throwcomputer

    120/240v outlets to replace generator..

    I realize this is all conjecture at this point given nothing specific has been confirmed, but I'm wondering what kind of load these 120/240v outlets will be. 15a? 20a? How much wattage? Any possibility for 220v outlets? It would be nice to replace a portable generator with the on board power...
  15. Throwcomputer

    Giga Texas Steel Structure is complete!

    At their current pace of assembly over the last week or so, for everyone impatiently watching for over a year.. its gonna be satisfying watch that last row of steel going up tomorrow on all the drone videos!
  16. Throwcomputer

    Cyberquad ATV could pull dual duty as SpaceX's Personal Lunar Terrain Vehicle in Project Artemis

    Was reading up on all the various corporate partnerships with NASA and how they relate to various aspects of our return to lunar exploration within Project Artemis. Besides being completely impressed with our plans for two stations, one as an earth...
  17. Throwcomputer

    Forget the wrapping, heat color your ct body!

    Grab a torch and add some color! Make it look like a two stroke expansion pipe.
  18. Throwcomputer

    What would you pay for the cyberquad?

    Obviously we would all get one if it was ridiculously cheap, that's not what I'm asking. Also not asking what you think it will list for.. As we have no information to base that off of. Given no specs and just going off your gut of what would get you to pull the trigger or not, what's that...