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  1. charliemagpie

    We have a Drone Pilot - Giga Mexico

    Heads up to those interested, we have a drone operator who has thus far posted 3 video fly overs, with narration.
  2. charliemagpie

    Cybertruck door storage

    We may not have the sail pillars, but all doors seem to have heaps of storage. Possibly 2 storage compartments in each door The bottom opening is obvious, but I think the grey trim on top of the white panel is hinged.
  3. charliemagpie

    What is this wedge looking piece coming off the side of tail gate ?

    I just had to ask : btw, this reconfigured design looks like it allows for a step.. I guess, fully lowered may be around 12" high?
  4. charliemagpie

    Coming down hard on ICE taking up EV charging bays

    I am not sure what other places do, but in New South Wales Australia, they seem to have nipped the problem in the bud.
  5. charliemagpie

    What is in the Frunk ?

    Looks like some sort of white cylinder. Could be a prop. Is it the Air compressor?
  6. charliemagpie

    How many Cybertrucks deliveries in 2023 ?

    Former Tesla Board Member Steve Westly Jan 3, 2023
  7. charliemagpie

    Interesting Vid about Cybertruck glass

    Whether it is all factual I am not sure. It's put together well, interesting channel
  8. charliemagpie

    Happy New Year from Australia

    Best of luck to everyone and good health May the Cybertruck be with you in 2023
  9. charliemagpie

    Mary, you electrified the entire auto industry, you led, and it matters Bonus
  10. charliemagpie

    Cybertruck back on Tesla Australia website!

    At one point, the menu option was completely gone, fueling speculation that the Cybertruck may not come to Australia. Today, I logged on, I don't know how long it has been there, but I'm pleased to say the menu option is back. We still cannot order, only submit for updates. Yeah baby !. :D
  11. charliemagpie

    Cybertruck amphibious mode sampler !

    Ohhhh Yeeeaaaaaaaaa Short but sweet :
  12. charliemagpie

    Read all about it!

    Good morning, I came across this Gem from 2018, Some may have seen it, some not. Enjoy the read: Sampler: edit fyi I clicked on a link in the article, and this vid is pretty good. Some shots I hadn't seen before... inside the bed... and interior door.
  13. charliemagpie

    'Connecting The Dots' Releases worlds best Cybertruck Youtube Video

    Good Morning. Fantastic Youtuber !! That's It, I am getting Quad. No Quadstions about it !!! Pause to catch your breath, drink a glass of water. Sit down, turn down the lights, pour yourself a nice red... . And Press Play. Cybertruck Diamond Steering 💎💎 Cybertruck's EXTREME Technology...
  14. charliemagpie

    Good Morning

    Just a little something from Downunder to start your day
  15. charliemagpie

    Tesla .......Starlight ..... The Rest

    Addendum : This is a CT forum, I don't know where to post this.. here tis anyway. Elon mooted Tesla working on stuff. Whats this : METHOD FOR NEUROMODULATION TREATMENT OF NEURODEGENERATIVE DISEASE Publication number: 20220241583 Abstract: The present disclosure provides a neuromodulation...