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  1. BeastSlayer

    Share your “Plan B” if the CT is priced in the stratosphere

    i'll make good my F150 Lightning or Tacoma Hybrid.
  2. BeastSlayer

    Last week to end of Q3

    We should laugh, otherwise we'll weep.
  3. BeastSlayer

    Last week to end of Q3

    There goes my dream that i'll have it on my driveway with that big red ribbon on Christmas morning.
  4. BeastSlayer

    Last week to end of Q3

    I've reserved on the night of this launch event. So i've been conceiving this for already 4 years!
  5. BeastSlayer

    Cybertruck parked in (test driver's?) house driveway and showing excellent fit & finish

    Looks like a friend's house in thr Bay Area. Better call each and everyone of them to check and give me a spin (or let me drive for my own review).
  6. BeastSlayer

    Last week to end of Q3

    Yup, even for Elon with his knack for surprises. May not even happen next month unless he wants this held together with the reporting of Tesla's financial results.
  7. BeastSlayer

    Truck Camper Options w/ Pics

    I was hoping Lance and/or Northern Lite would design and make one for Cybertruck. Wifey very specific in bath/toilet, ref, a/c, stove and microwave. She love her sofa in our trailer but realized it's a no-go on a camper, lol.
  8. BeastSlayer

    Last week to end of Q3

    Yeah, too late for me to book a flight and hotel should I get an invite. See hope springs eternal. lol
  9. BeastSlayer

    Last week to end of Q3

    With speculations and imaginings running far and wild.
  10. BeastSlayer

    Last week to end of Q3

    Anyone still hoping there will be Cybertruck delivery event by end of September?
  11. BeastSlayer

    Huge win for Tesla stock holders

    Still a long wsys to go for me. And another big drop today at ~3.64%.
  12. BeastSlayer

    Cybertruck 1st Delivery Resolution

    I am still into breaking my last year's resolution.
  13. BeastSlayer

    How did this get past this site? CyberTruck Follow in Daly City

    Look at rhe license plate, it is longer dealer's. Lucky dude!
  14. BeastSlayer

    Self driving backing up when towing a trailer ?

    I could envision this happening on Tesla semi with uniform trailer dimensions. I sure don't see anyone able to design a FSD for trailer backing into a Yosemite campground.
  15. BeastSlayer

    Spotted: First video of Cybertruck towing trailer!

    The range drop for F150 Lightning with trailer and winter driving for me was a deal breaking for not making good of turning my reservation into order. I am familiar with it's physics. I was hoping Tesla is better with it's battery tech as shown in it's semi.
  16. BeastSlayer

    Spotted: First video of Cybertruck towing trailer!

    Agree! Numbers, numbers please. Range drop by 60%? Range drop on uphill like Donner or Tioga Pass? And range when towing in sub zero?
  17. BeastSlayer

    Opportunity for Cybertruck Owner Volunteers -- floor mats free

    I reserved on the night of thr launch. Am not sure I'll grt my unit this year. And I prefer my car-mat not just flat but customized semi molded to the sides.
  18. BeastSlayer

    Any chance for customer delivery in 2023?

    I am with @cvalue13 on the 10,000. After the VIPs and the employees, there ought to be leftover for us peons. I reserved on the night of the launch and my trim seems on the priority production. On the optimistic side, best case for me is 1st quarter 2024. Now I regret that my son left Tesla...
  19. BeastSlayer

    I will pay you cash to be your plus one at the cybertruck delivery event

    When I was younger and better looking, I was anticipating similar offer. Along the lines, I know you are married but I will be willing to be the plus one. Bonus if there is cash component. Joke aside, have read that those Tesla referral credits is worth $2,500. Too late for me as my daughter...
  20. BeastSlayer

    Sandy Munro: Ford enginners wanted 48V, as early as 1980s, but finance execs said NO.

    The auto industry is notorious for lost opportunities and lack of imagination. The Big 3 was too slow in adapting to oil shortage. The Japanese picked it up with compacts. Toyota would have been first with EV with their hybrids. But it's Tesla that came up with a true EV.