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  1. Trailered Cybertruck up close and personal! [Bearded Tesla Guy video]

    I know it’s a slip of the tongue, but he said 27 foot BAW…. Sounds bout right! Huk
  2. Share your “Plan B” if the CT is priced in the stratosphere

    Just looked up some Raptor quotes recently… prices 150k? Garbage. I did stop looking at first location… maybe better prices out there?
  3. Round or square? Buttons or stalks?

    As long as gear shifting feature is instantaneously available at all times I’d be open to trying something new. I have avoided 2 minor accidents and a potential life threatening one with having the ability to instantly reverse at an intersection. So for me this is a must.
  4. cybertruck video 12 hours….

    First thought: digital art trash… not even accurate… Second thought: how do I put this a wall paper on 85” Sony…
  5. EV tax Credit Analysis - Consumer Reports

    Too much Gov’ment in my CT…. As per usual. Edit: Honestly though, this process should be more black and white. Purchase certain EV: ☑️ Within price margin: ☑️ Apply to point of purchase: ☑️ Thank you for your purchase.
  6. Night time Cybertruck walkarounds [videos]

    I aim for pedestrians at cross walks, the CT the the vehicle for me…./s I don’t recall angles of vehicle architecture being part of mass collision equations in college physics either, the fly always gets smashed.
  7. Purported Tesla Employee Confirms No 240v Outlet

    I dunno about this. Why would the engineer prioritize “light modes” over a utilitarian feature with excess practical applications?
  8. Cybertruck Sighting in New Wham Baam Teslacam Video

    Regarding wham bam video: I’m pretty sure EM had Teslas programmed to attract those shopping carts….
  9. RC Decal'd Cybertruck spotted at Las Vegas Tesla Supercharger [new video added]

    Probably been said already, and not saying to insult, but I’m sure Tesla been thinking about this for 4yrs+, especially now they are signing on all brands.
  10. Last week to end of Q3

    Elon probably be like” sorry all, could have revealed 3 months ago, but if we wait for December it will be 4 years and 20 days… why aren’t you all laughing….”
  11. 'Master Candidate' Cybertrucks reportedly spotted at Giga Texas [updated w/ photos]

    I only saw masterbate while reading this post. Damn brain.
  12. Musk: I just drove “Performance” Cybertruck it kicks ass next-level (9-22-23)

    I keep going back and forward if I really need the tri. I won’t be towing over 10k. 2.9s 0-60 is a little over kill. Anyone have any info on power consumption with 2 motor vs 3 motor ?
  13. Cybertruck bed vault lighting is so clean (clearest photo yet)

    Gonna have to get a little mattress for back there when I do all my little sleep overs, like a child. Looks so fresh back there.
  14. Rear wheel steering action on Cybertrucks from today/yesterday

    Sorry fellas, don’t think I’ll be doing a wrap. SS just looks 💪
  15. 🚨 Oracle Cybertruck Police Car Revealed by CEO Larry Ellison (Preview of Accessories?) -- Video Added

    Is Oracle the company that Robocop eventually has to battle against once corruption takes place? But really though, looks like they excessively widened the wheels to make it look aggressively cool. Standard issue (if it happens) won’t be like this. Just seems weird to me.
  16. [Videos added] Cybertruck gets new wrap! Minecraft low-res digital camo style 📸

    As cool as this is, I do think that at the right times of day this might be harder to see. I mean it’s partially working on me now 🤪