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  1. stumby

    UI + Interior Video! Shot from Cybertruck driver seat 🎬

    Showing 84% battery left. No range shown though :( Screenshots
  2. stumby

    Cybertruck top speed acceleration from stop light! 🚀 Don't blink! 😳

    Cybertruck takes off at 0:30 seconds.. don't blink! 😳
  3. stumby

    Cybertruck Launch Team apparel being distributed to employees for imminent delivery event!!

    Just sent to me by a buddy at Tesla. Cybertruck launch delivery event is imminent!! Launch Team apparel being handed out to employees who'll be working the event.
  4. stumby

    Cybertruck spotted today 9/13 showing awesome build quality & fitment

    Check out this prototype spotted just today by @RostGuido in Palo Alto. Looks amazing in the sun and best build quality I've seen yet! All the panels and parts are lined up great.
  5. stumby

    Cybertruck off road testing with lifted air suspension @ Hollister Hills OHV

    Good find by Gregger! Video by Muddy Ruttzz: "Took Jeep Gladiator Ecodiesel to Hollister Hills California OHV to wheel with a couple buddies. We saw Tesla Cybertrucks doing a little off-road testing. Pretty cool looking vehicle."
  6. stumby

    Some Tesla engineers hated Cybertruck's design and secretly designed alternative -- says design chief Franz (in new Musk biography book) Some Tesla engineers "hated" the look of the Cybertruck, design chief Franz von Holzhausen told Walter Isaacson. Certain engineers secretly worked on a alternate...
  7. stumby

    Family Trip Photo 📸 😍

    Family Photo
  8. stumby

    Uber Cybertruck driven by Tesla Bot 🦾 (video by SoKrispyMedia)

    Awesome special FX video by @sokrispymedia 🦾
  9. stumby

    Spotted: Bike carried in Cybertruck vault bed

    First sight of a bicycle being carried in the Cybertruck bed vault. Can't tell how it's being strapped down / secured though.
  10. stumby

    Tesla receives over 1,000 Cybertruck reservations a day (Article)

    Link: Tesla receives over 1,000 Cybertruck reservations daily In the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EVs), the Cybertruck by Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) has continued to capture the attention of automotive...
  11. stumby

    New Cybertruck Frunk Look + New Wheels Style! [8/13/23]

    From Joe Tegtmeyer -- 8/13/23
  12. stumby

    Cybertruck rear window down?! (photos from winter testing)

    Credit to @MarkusNZL