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  1. Gojuryu

    Cybertruck parked at garage (shows vault bed lights!)

    Tailgate was up and there was a few inches of space left
  2. Gojuryu

    Cybertruck parked at garage (shows vault bed lights!)

    Added an additional photo with a 6 ft fridge in the back
  3. Gojuryu

    Cybertruck parked at garage (shows vault bed lights!)

    Yes new photo has mirror image turned on by default
  4. Gojuryu

    Cybertruck parked at garage (shows vault bed lights!)

    ... I didn't write that it "was their garage." I wrote "Hello world," included a link and then wrote "... And everyone said it was CGI."
  5. Gojuryu

    Cybertruck parked at garage (shows vault bed lights!)

    Per the OP: "Our neighbors are test engineers."
  6. Gojuryu

    Cool new Cybertruck hat / cap (by New Era) being given out at Tesla service centers

    With the picture being posted... I'm sure someone will have copies of this on eBay and definetely Alibaba by the end of the month
  7. Gojuryu

    Cybertruck BIW body-in-white frames with front/rear castings 🤩 [7/11/23]

    Thanks for the image clean-up. I can now see that there is a pass through behind the rear seat available. Can't wait for Monroe or someone else crazy enough to do a tear-down so we can find out what it will take to remove that wall when we install an aluminum bed-cap.
  8. Gojuryu

    Motortrend Piece on CT issues

    Attainable to mechanical action (triggered response at the wheel) or attainable at the compute level.... Drastically different time sets. I believe it's better to query the writer of the original article to clarify their point, regarding what is or was an actionable response and where or at...
  9. Gojuryu

    Cybertruck Wrapped in Urban Camo Spotted! (More Photos & Video Added)

    It's real. I saw it yesterday in Mountain View also. Gave me hope regarding my at home wrap kit idea. Camo will hide any mistakes I make and the flat surfaces will definitely work to my advantage. I was left with some curiosity though... The bed cover was left open and I couldn't see the wrap...
  10. Gojuryu

    Motortrend Piece on CT issues

    I was thinking the same. since 5 ms = 0.005 seconds. A 0.005 is near-to an electronic switch (I/O) response only, There is no such thing as a mechanical switch what-so-ever with that low a ratio response. A 0.05 = (or) 1/20th of 1 second, sounds excellent, even for steer by wire. Normally...
  11. Gojuryu

    Round Steering Wheel hope? Seen in Cybertruck prototype video

    I strongly prefer this dash cluster setup as well as the arm rest cushion rather than the naked slide door over the center storage. Perhaps Tsportsline integrated dash, Hansshow or Carda (something similar to the cockpit display) but angled off to fit the broad aesthetics of the CT.
  12. Gojuryu

    What price point will you cancel your order?

    Speaking honestly, I looked at a new Toyota Tundra this weekend for $47750. I would compare that to the CT single motor. No frills, no FSD and of course not on the table. There-for, considering the only option is the dual motor (non-FSD) I would bump up no more than $10k with no exceptions. My...
  13. Gojuryu

    Secret Cybertruck accessories parts team: What do you want them to make?

    I would want to add a few items: Fold up solar panel under the vault cover. Retractable wind turbine to used when parked. Full length top of windshield light bar. Front end rock slider. Aerodynamic wheel covers even if they are ugly. Additional front passenger infotainment screen. Rubberized...
  14. Gojuryu


    if it is not available, there are definitely more than one of us in the CTOC working on an aftermarket attachment /upgrade