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  1. Easyejl

    [Videos added] Cybertruck gets new wrap! Minecraft low-res digital camo style 📸

    I had back when I thought the CT would come earlier gotten the tag "L0WP0LY" on a previous vehicle... just to make sure someone else didn't swipe it
  2. Easyejl

    Huge win for Tesla stock holders

    Hey. Was I wearing pants when we went in there?
  3. Easyejl

    Cybertruck deliveries start in October says Tesla employee / Cybertruck test driver

    October is q4. if elon has to spend an extra $5 million to have 1 ready to deliver on September 30th, he will
  4. Easyejl

    Musk: Tungsten Carbide Coating may be offered to scratch-proof Cybertruck. Overkill or oustanding?

    I think the cost would be prohibitive, but i'd try it that's for sure. It's one way we could get colors other than silver :)
  5. Easyejl

    Cybertruck spotted today 9/13 showing awesome build quality & fitment

    it is so gloriously ugly, I can't wait for mine. Note i have owned an Aztek and somehow managed to get the plate "FUGLY" past local DMV for that :D
  6. Easyejl

    Cybertruck parked on street in residential neighborhood [9/9 pics]

    that's what I was thinking, I hope that's not an indication of how FSD parks :D
  7. Easyejl

    It'd be a Mistake to Prioritize Cybertruck Deliveries to Tesla ‘Influencers’

    that's the real answer, there aren't that many influencers around. Even at 1/3 of the 375k units a year, its still 10k a month. Even if the first month's production goes to 10,000 influencers + high referrals it's a drop in the bucket
  8. Easyejl

    Cybertruck prices (from reveal night) adjusted for inflation

    you need one of these, a self catching dartboard to throw the price guesses at
  9. Easyejl

    Latest Cybertruck Delivery Rumors (as of 8/23/23)

    this is my concern. if the 75k price is for loaded tri motors, or for dual with FSD @ 15k or whatever the heck it is now I'm still ok. if its 75 for a dual without fsd, I probably won't be taking delivery when my number comes up.
  10. Easyejl

    9 Cybertrucks just arrived at Tesla Fremont factory today 8/17

    I've always been more appreciative of a "flaunt it if you got it"
  11. Easyejl

    9 Cybertrucks just arrived at Tesla Fremont factory today 8/17

    Crap, I would have if I had known it was happening :D
  12. Easyejl

    CyberTruck insurance quotes....

    I dunno how much worse it will be than my Audi Q4 e-tron. Sticker price was $65k on this one as a BEV
  13. Easyejl

    Crash Tested Cybertruck Parked at Arkansas Hampton Inn Overnight [Interior + Exterior Pics]

    I keep picturing a cybertruck in a headon collision with a Miata with them both going 20mph. I think it would just go straight over it.....
  14. Easyejl

    Cybertruck Tire Prices

    that isn't bad at all, I was expecting even worse
  15. Easyejl

    Jailbreak Tesla

    I'm partially with you on the heated seats thing. Or even battery range, when a 150kwh batter pack is in the vehicle but is software limited to 100. You know that part of the price of the vehicle up front has to cover those hardware costs, as they aren't going to sell the cars at a loss hoping...
  16. Easyejl

    you ordered the 500 miles cybertruck, and they launch with the 350 miles, what do you do

    I ask why they didn't make a 250 mile version and chop 5k off the price......... I certainly don't need 500 miles, 200 miles seems to work for me.
  17. Easyejl

    New Video of Cybertruck Winter Testing in New Zealand!

    Why aren't they doing donuts in the snow? That's what I want to see :D
  18. Easyejl

    PREDICTION: Cybertruck comes in lite duty (Aluminum casting) and heavy duty (cold-rolled Steel) variants

    Aluminum pound for pound costs more than stainless steel, so it doesn't really make any sense