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  1. Electric Truck Economics - Worth the Price?

    If I recall, replacing two was just under $900. I had also just had more than $1500 worth of work done on it to fix a leaking exhaust gasket. The design of this particular model year is such that the whole engine has to be pulled to get to the passenger side exhaust (and apparently the...
  2. Electric Truck Economics - Worth the Price?

    I had my 2009 Ford F-250 in the shop to have the catalytic converters replaced. While it was there, the lade at the front desk told my my '09 would probably outlast the 2019 sitting just outside the door. It was in for it's THIRD!!! engine replacement. Apparently, Ford's motors lately are...
  3. Pepsi's Tesla Semi Covers 1,600 Miles In Under 48 Hours

    How many miles would a diesel semi cover in the same amount of time?
  4. Musk: Tungsten Carbide Coating may be offered to scratch-proof Cybertruck. Overkill or oustanding?

    Based on a brief read of their process, I assume this one won’t work on a completed vehicle. Seems like you’re only able to send parts through this process. I’d personally be interested in something I can apply myself (or have done) after the fact. Probably not as durable, but also way less...
  5. Cybertruck off road testing with lifted air suspension @ Hollister Hills OHV

    I wonder how long before one of these appears in one of “Matt’s off-road recovery” videos where Matt and crew are pulling it out of Sand Hollow or Rory is recovering one from Hells Revenge or something. (It won’t be mine)
  6. Windshield Wiper BAW in Action - video clip (8/26/23)

    I wonder how much of the passengers view won't get wiped because of the arc of the BAW, might be kind of distracting.
  7. Operating costs

    You ever think about (if it's an option for your situation) putting in enough solar to handle charging your EV's? I've often wondered how long the cost to purchase and install enough solar to charge my EV would take to be paid off and give me "free" charging. In my case, I have a south facing...
  8. Tesla: "First Cybertruck Built at Giga Texas! 🤠"

    Dude in the far back left, leaning on the pallets is not feeling this photo day.
  9. I can deal with 5 seats

    I'm happy about the 5 seat, I preferred that from the beginning and wasn't looking forward to a middle seat in the front.
  10. Will there be white interior for the CyberTruck?

    That’s great to hear, thanks. I was dreading having to get seat covers and be concerned about it.
  11. Will there be white interior for the CyberTruck?

    I’ve never owned a tesla. How well does the interior hold up to daily use? Do seats stain easily, hard/easy to clean? That’s been one of the things I wonder about re the CT
  12. Leaked interior Cybertruck photo!

    Bummer about no HUD (didn’t expect it) and agreed on the long dash comments. This perspective makes it look like it might take some getting used to, figuring out where the front is when parking and making tight turns, especially given how short the front appears from external pictures.
  13. More Wiper issues.

    That's fantastic, brightened my morning, thanks.
  14. Question on Pre-order conversions?

    I'm hoping to see some experienced answers on this. I've never purchased a Tesla, so would love to hear about this part of the process.
  15. What's a deal-breaker for you?

    I'm about a day 7-ish reservation so for me, the two things would be 1: if they ramp up the price significantly (I reserved a tri-motor, would prefer a quad). The big deal-breaker for me would be if all the people who get them first end up reporting lots of significant quality problems. I'm...
  16. How long will you wait for your Cybertruck?

    What’s the latest thought regarding if you reserved a tri-motor? Are you getting automatically switched to the quad, will you be asked when your reservation comes up, some other guess? For me, I don’t have a burning need for a new vehicle, so I’m just pumping car payments into a brokerage...
  17. Cybertruck Mega Windshield Wiper IN ACTION at Giga Texas Wind Tunnel

    I wonder what that outlined shape in front of the driver is for? Looks a bit like a trapezoid. The wishful thinker in me is hoping it denotes a HUD on the windshield, but I'm not holding my breath.
  18. Is $10 premium connectivity sustainable?

    That's be a you're thinking like a person instead of a greedy corporation. Executives are paid when profit increases and stock prices increase. You do that by finding ways to make more money, not saying "well, we're making enough, all good"
  19. Is $10 premium connectivity sustainable?

    I think your argument is sound and completely irrelevant to AT&T saying “You’re using too much, you have to pay more”. If it’s popular, they’ll want to charge more.