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  1. Tesla Q2 production numbers

    Not really a cyber topic but hey for thems that care... AUSTIN, Texas, July 2, 2023 – In the second quarter, we produced nearly 480,000 vehicles and delivered over 466,000 vehicles...
  2. Random question on the model Y

    Ok those that have read my threads will know that i reccently got a brand new model Y LD.... As I looked through the upgrades on the app i noticed i have an "acceleration boost" upgrade available that will boost my 0-60 speed from 4.8 to 4.3 seconds. Pretty cool but i have to wonder do all of...
  3. New updated Cybertruck order page!

    Sorry for the armature job of whiting out a name... but hey ... this is for those that haven't had their page updated not a huge thing but like I said at least we know they are preparing the page for more.
  4. What is the next big milestone you are looking for with a CT

    I know the one we are ALL looking for is the turnover event; but before then there will be several other milestones. For me the next one I am looking for in a major way is when the cybertruck goes back on the main Tesla page.. so if you got to you see cybertruck on the top.