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  1. TeslaHugger

    TSLA DOWN -39.45 Pre-market

    I'm hoping will go down more. I'm planning to buy before the battery day. It "should" go up soon after that.
  2. TeslaHugger

    Finally get to charge my Tesla with solar

    With advice from some guys on Solar Talk I used PVWatts to calculate my PV generation on my first house. I thought that a 7.3kW system would generate 1,111kWh per month but turns out that's only for states in the south like California. Up north a 7.3kW will average out to 866kW per month. That's...
  3. TeslaHugger

    TSLA Just Crashed. OMG!!!

    Sure, you can have them. Just give me your name and SSN number (for verification purpose) and I'll send them to you right away. 😇😁
  4. TeslaHugger

    TSLA Just Crashed. OMG!!!

    OMG. What's going with Tesla, they just dropped to $450. Did Elon tweet another "funding secured" to start another SEC investigation? Just kidding. Even after the stock split the stock keeps climbing which is awesome :-).
  5. TeslaHugger

    Exciting Battery Day topics coming to light

    Sweet, I can't wait for battery day. Is there any idea how much battery density would increase with nanowires?
  6. TeslaHugger

    Un-killable? Will a 'Tesla Killer' be coming for the Cybertruck? (Video)

    It's hard to say what cybertruck killer will be. Rivian doesn't have the cult following that Tesla has. Ford's electric F150 has the potential that will be but that will depend on the Ford fans willing to switch from gas to electric. I doubt they will because of human nature. Human nature is to...
  7. TeslaHugger

    2024 total eclipse @giga Austin?

    It's always better to experience it in real life.
  8. TeslaHugger

    What percentage of pre-orders will actually buy?

    I don't know why people would want to back down. Even if you don't want it you can sell your reservation to somone who really wants it. The people that really want the cybertruck will pay to move up the list to get it sooner.
  9. TeslaHugger

    Finally get to charge my Tesla with solar

    I'm super excited. After watching other people install solar on youtube I finally get to install solar myself. I don't know how long it will take me to install it on my house because I'm not familiar with the whole process of getting solar however I have basic idea from watching youtube. Can't...
  10. TeslaHugger

    Ok if GM/Ford go under?

    I can understand that thinking but I think I would rather have EV manufactures compete with each other and innovate the future. But I'm pretty sure that will happen whether ICE manufactures exists or not. Agreed, GM lost all credibility with me when they killed EV1. We could be talking about GM...
  11. TeslaHugger

    Tesla files patent for new type of stator

    Exactly, I love seeing the amount of R&D going into EVs.
  12. TeslaHugger

    Ok if GM/Ford go under?

    Agreed, I still don't know why no other manufacturer haven't signed up to use the supercharger network. I don't see each manufacturer setting up their own charging network. I haven't heard anything about manufacturers dumping money into growing EAs network either. I would think the new pure EV...
  13. TeslaHugger

    Ok if GM/Ford go under?

    With the massive migration to EVs, would you guys be ok if Ford and GM, and other big manufacturers went under or would you rather have them stick around? Innovation happens from the outside, in the next century I personally would rather have new the comers like Tesla, Rivian, and other EV...