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  1. android04

    New Battery Range & Pack Architecture [Announced at Battery Day]

    Edit: After re-reading your post, I now see that the 3x charge time for long trips is what ignorant people ask you about. I'm sorry I misunderstood your post and thought that you believed it took 3x as long with an EV. I will let the rest of my post stand just as well. I'm not sure where you...
  2. android04

    Will Lucid come out with better battery and motor tech than Tesla?

    Also, in regards to motors, two months ago someone in a Tesla forum teased this image of the possible upcoming Tesla plaid powertrain drive unit (dual motors and inverters). It's not verified yet, but it seems very similar to the Lucid drive unit in its form factor. If this is really a Tesla...
  3. android04

    Will Lucid come out with better battery and motor tech than Tesla?

    I was impressed by what I saw in regards to their motors. The motors they compared to are obviously Porsche Taycan, Model 3, and Model S motors. If there are no drawbacks to their motor (like durability or cooling) then hopefully Tesla can eventually match or beat their technology.
  4. android04

    What if your place in line cost $1000.00?

    I would have paid the $1000. I did so with my Model 3 back in March 31st, 2016. Got it 2 years later.
  5. android04

    CyberTruck Braking

    Not an issue for everyday driving including towing. This is about pedal feel and quick response for racing.
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    Camper Trailer Revolution?

    For anybody that's interested in trailers/campers with their own battery and motors to aid with towing, my previous post shows a few that prototypes that I've come across. I recently found a few interesting DIY videos from a guy named James Klafehn on Youtube. At first he makes a range...
  7. android04

    This may be Cybertruck's 2B stainless steel. Scratch and scuff test.

    Only thing I have to add to this is that the SS in the Cybertruck will be hardened, and should be a little harder to scratch. Not impossible to scratch, but it will also be a little harder to buff out scratches.
  8. android04

    Camper Trailer Revolution?

    If one wants better results as far as aerodynamics, one can put in flaps that fold out to form a wedge on the tail of the trailer. Those can be seen on semi trailers, but apparently they only save about 5% of fuel usage (should be greater for an EV because wind drag is a larger part of energy...
  9. android04

    Camper Trailer Revolution?

    I wouldn't say that's the main reason, but you're right that I forgot to mention the load on the front wheels. That could be important for steering in rain or snow, or off-roading where you need good traction with all 4 wheels. But that's very dependent on the trailer and tongue weights, as...
  10. android04

    Camper Trailer Revolution?

    That looks like a cool custom camper. One of the nicest designs for an enclosed trailer that I've seen is the Aerovault. It is designed to be aerodynamic, but is pretty low (designed to hold a car) and could not be converted to a camper. Well, maybe if they made the ceiling pop up higher or...
  11. android04

    Camper Trailer Revolution?

    A weight distribution hitch is designed to move some of the tongue weight to the trailer's axle. This is only useful in the situation where the trailer has a high enough tongue weight to cause the rear end of the tow vehicle to sag down (which is unsafe). A weight distribution hitch is not...
  12. android04

    Camper Trailer Revolution?

    On the issue of different trailer wiring interfaces, Tesla could just have an interface under an access panel that has all the functionality they could need (normal trailer lights, auxiliary power to trailer, braking controls, CAN bus to communicate with vehicle computer, and digital video for...
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    CATL to supply batteries for Trailer Dynamics electric semi-trailer

    The only drawback to this is the added weight from the battery pack, motors, and electronics in the trailer. That reduces payload capacity by a little bit in order to stay within road legal limits. From my math, just the 300 kWh battery pack weighs around 2000 kg (4400 lbs). Add in a little...
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    Surge protection?

    I don't really worry about it, but some people unplug their EVs from the EVSE equipment when they will have a storm. You can also have an electrician install a whole house surge protector in your electrical panel
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    Cybertruck with a twist of Ford

    FYI, this is a vision from an artist on what the Ford electric pickup could be. It's not from Ford
  16. android04

    Camper Trailer Revolution?

    There are some concept campers out there that have hub motors for aid in driving and braking (regen), and battery packs to drive them. They usually use sensors to detect how much force there is between the tow vehicle and trailer and try to match that with the hub motors. With a Tesla, that...
  17. android04

    Cybertruck Prototype MIA?

    I hope so too. BTW, a CCS type 1 used in North America is compatible with J1772. So all it needs is a CCS type 1 port and it will work with that and J1772 with no need for adapters, J1772 just doesn't use the 2 separate DC pins. I was hoping that with the release of the Model 3, that Tesla...
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    Quick little ?s

    1. The touchscreen can be set to dark mode all the time, but you won't like it during the day because it will be hard to read from all the glare. 2. It seems Tesla will add customizations to the sounds that play from the external pedestrian warning speaker. Don't know what level of...
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    Cybertruck competitors in 2021

    Personally, I love the design and simplicity of the Bollinger but it's too expensive and has too little range for towing. I've been following it's development since the early days, but now that the Cybertruck exists it wins out for me. I would still get a Bollinger for my dad (who is older and...
  20. android04

    The Pickman Is a Tiny $10,000 Electric Pickup That Promises 4,000 Pounds of Towing

    Don't forget that this qualifies for a Federal tax incentive of $1000.