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  1. ÆCIII

    Large 56 Stall Supercharger Site at Firebaugh, CA

    Absolutely a good point with the batteries, as Tesla Energy is already far ahead in those implementations. Also noticed there are some large power transmission lines and towers just a mile or so east, running parallel to I-5, but who knows if those will affect power availability there. With...
  2. ÆCIII

    Large 56 Stall Supercharger Site at Firebaugh, CA

    I'm sure many have seen this post on Teslarati by now: This is going to be a massive supercharger location (it's in now). This would be a boon for EV travel up and down the I-5 freeway corridor...
  3. ÆCIII

    Lucid Air beats Tesla Model S with insane 9.9-second quarter-mile

    Healthy competition of this nature is a win-win for the end consumer. But Lucid has had a sort of an 'inside' advantage though, with the knowledge and experience of the former Tesla chief engineer Peter Rawlinson since 2013, who actually had been involved with earlier development of the Model S...
  4. ÆCIII

    This may be Cybertruck's 2B stainless steel. Scratch and scuff test.

    Very good considerations to point out. We may be finding that it's more preferable to Wrap the Cybertruck body than previously realized (even if just clear PPF). Otherwise thoughts of continual fingerprints on appliances like stainless steel refrigerators or stainless steel sinks come to mind...
  5. ÆCIII

    Quick little ?s

    The Tesla Model 3 Owners Manual, page 86 has your answer: Display Manually control the brightness and the DAY (light background) or NIGHT (dark background) setting of the touchscreen. When set to AUTO, the brightness changes automatically between day and night brightness based on ambient...
  6. ÆCIII

    Cybertruck Has a Texas Home! Musk Announces Gigafactory Texas For Cybertruck Production!

    Makes me think of an interesting parallel, where Jack Daniels whiskey is made in Lynchburg Tennessee inside of a dry county, where it is not allowed to be sold or purchased, only shipped out. Texas has not been kind to Tesla at all, both in refusing to allow direct sales in the state, and also...
  7. ÆCIII

    Anyone polishing their SS Cybertruck to a mirror like finish?

    Yes, it's a cool thought. Plus there are many advertising magnetic signs used on vehicles (and contractor trucks as well), so it would be actually useful if it did work. It would've been easy to find this out, if someone had of taken their fridge magnets to the Peterson museum while the...
  8. ÆCIII

    Anyone polishing their SS Cybertruck to a mirror like finish?

    Sirs, your refrigerator magnets will not need to wait for a launch, as you'll see them fall off immediately as you try to place them. The refined stainless steel used in the CT will certainly be non-magnetic, so nothing magnetic will likely even stick to it.
  9. ÆCIII

    CT Motorized Solar Panels

    Not saying I'd want it, but I've always been of the opinion that a 'Solar Array' implementation would be needed for any practical charge rates for soaking up sun while vehicles are parked, because vehicles themselves simply don't have very much surface area (excluding Semi Trailers of course)...
  10. ÆCIII

    Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    Force Field Perimeter Shields and a Cloaking Device.
  11. ÆCIII

    Burger King Commercial featuring Tesla on Twitter

    Just saw this on Teslarati and Twitter. Apparently a real commercial by BK - so cool! Closer examination reveals it's from video created by Mike of the youtube channel. He is an...
  12. ÆCIII

    If you could request three factory add-ons, what would they be?

    Long Roof Rack accessory for ladders and contractor gear, styled to match the Cybertruck, with option to kneel it or lower it at the rear for loading/unloading.
  13. ÆCIII

    What is your biggest Cybertruck question you'd like answered by Tesla before committing to purchase?

    Not a deal breaker for me, but I was also thinking of the air suspension. Since it's a fairly new system (for being mainstream) in cars, I'd want to know how long the air suspension is covered under the warranty. Moreso about the air suspension, I was curious if they're going to have it...
  14. ÆCIII

    If you could request three factory add-ons, what would they be?

    I also would like the Midgate, but I think it would require redesign of the tonneau cover tracks and mechanism, along with having challenges to weather seal and prevent rain coming in situations when the Midgate is closed while the tonneau cover needs to be kept open, like large tall items...
  15. ÆCIII

    Build Your Cybertruck With Our 3D Configurator Visualization Tool

    Very good release. Vault and tambour toneau cover could use some refinement (vault interior front shape, and the sides relative to exterior need work). Door handles don't show once a drag-and-drop pattern is overlaid, maybe that could be fixed. Another enhancement option would be to add an...