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  1. Cybergirl

    Rumor: reservation numbers starting with "112" will be delivered relatively quickly.

    That's true, but if you have the opportunity to get FSD for $7K, the take rate will be a lot higher than for $12K.
  2. Cybergirl

    Rumor: reservation numbers starting with "112" will be delivered relatively quickly.

    No, the take rate is less than 30% if I recall correctly. Better to configure 1000 with a 100% take rate @ $7000 ea ($7M), than 1000 with a 30% take rate @ $12,000 ea (1000 x 0.30 x $12,000 = $3.6M).
  3. Cybergirl

    Rumor: reservation numbers starting with "112" will be delivered relatively quickly.

    I expect that after the Nov 30 delivery handover, Tesla will begin sending out configuration emails to reservation holders. Reports here will shed some light on how it's being done. For example, will those who opted for FSD on their reservation, or existing Tesla owners get preference? Will...
  4. Cybergirl

    Cybertruck NO RESALE Restriction (1 Year) Spotted in Purchase Agreement Language

    The intention is to discourage what otherwise could effectively lead to what happened to the Lightning at Ford dealerships. Ford sells a Lightning to a dealership who then marks it up $20,000 for sale to someone willing to pay extra (jumping the line). It pissed a lot of people off and damaged...
  5. Cybergirl

    1st one I've seen in Colorado

    I appreciated your doing a landscape video.
  6. Cybergirl

    Cybertruck Insurance Cost predictions?

    Well, if it's not obvious to you, I'll remind you that there are other reasons that make it worth purchasing. But, if you can't see them, I recommend that you not buy it.
  7. Cybergirl

    How is the reservation system going to really work?

    I have no idea. I can imagine them stepping through the reserve queue looking for buyers ready to configure at the initial inflated pricing. If you demur, your place in line doesn't change, but you'll probably not get another chance to order until the next pass through the list. This way...
  8. Cybergirl

    Removable side mirrors

    I rarely use the side mirrors on my Tesla anymore. The side rear camera popup displays give a better view when I signal a lane change or turn. I'd remove CT's side mirrors if possible. Most states don't require them as long as you have a 200' clear view behind the vehicle.
  9. Cybergirl

    Dual Motor reservation holders, still a buyer at $79,900?

    The introductory pricing is bound to be higher. There are early adopters that will overpay for something that's new and exciting. I remember back when the VCR first came out. My brother-in-law bought one for $900. I, being more selective in my spending habits at the time, waited until the...
  10. Cybergirl

    Several Cybertrucks All Together!

    We need a curious and/or analytical carpenter (thinking about replacing his F150) to happen upon a parked CT.
  11. Cybergirl

    Spotted Cybertruck today (10/21) in Edgewater, FL -- Video

    I can't wait to have people follow me.
  12. Cybergirl

    Cybertruck VIN decoder! -- GVWR Vehicle Weight Revealed + **only** Dual and Tri Motor for 2024

    A 5500 lb (or less) Dual Motor CT with 3500 lb cargo capacity is great news.
  13. Cybergirl

    WSJ Article: Tesla’s Musk Warns of Cybertruck Challenges

    WSJ is no longer a credible source of information about Tesla in my house.
  14. Cybergirl

    Delivery Event History: Nov. 30th is NOT a *retail customer* Delivery Event

    It would be a mistake not to reveal the specs and pricing of CT on November 30th. That the first deliveries will be to insiders and VIPs is immaterial.