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  1. DrShah

    Cybertruck Cufflinks

    Man I can’t wait to roll up to next year’s(or year after) hospital fundraiser in my Cybertruck … anyone making Cybertruck cufflinks? I think it would sell well in this group! Someone parked their Ferrari 296 GTB up front but I bet Cybertruck would look so much better ❤️!
  2. DrShah

    Will the Cybertruck get the same STEAM Game access like the refreshed S & X?

    would love to have access to AAA gaming, unlike my current model Y, hoping the Cybertruck gets this feature!
  3. DrShah

    Just counting the days …

    My 7 yo son & I are obsessed and eagerly waiting … got him this cool toy.
  4. DrShah

    Will the Cybertruck have V2H?

    Curious if the Cybertruck will have V2H like the Lightning? Thoughts?
  5. DrShah

    Faster Tesla Wall Connector for the Cybertruck?

    I have the standard Tesla Wall Connector for my Model Y LR to get the max 48 amps out to get roughly 43-45 mph on charging. I wonder if Tesla will sell a faster more capable updated Wall Connector to speed up home charging for the upcoming Cybertruck if it truly has a much large battery pack...