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  1. anionic1

    This forum needs a count down clock to 11/30

    I feel like we have all waited so long and we finally have an actual date. Obviously we can all look at a calendar but i think we need a little countdown ticker on the home page of this site. IMO.
  2. anionic1

    Is The Cybertruck Going Wireless Charging!

    It looks like Teslas purchase of Wiferion has been completed! Link to article Imagine parking the CT at home everyday and not having to touch anything and it charges overnight by itself. I'ld like to see an ICE truck do that. It really is a game changer. Lets face it, we all are fairly lazy...
  3. anionic1

    Franz’s Stainless Steel Finish Ain’t No Off The Press Finish

    It was heavily debated many times how the CT would be finished at the factory. There were opinions all over the place. Some said it would be brushed. Some said it would be cleaned but raw. Some said it would be polished and many argued that they would do the bare minimum to keep the cost down...
  4. anionic1

    So Lets Ask the Important Question: What Will You Name Your Cybertruck?

    What are you naming your Cybertruck? I have 4 kids so if I don't name it first there will surely be a name assigned soon enough. I am thinking to go with Robot as in Robot from Lost in Space. Or maybe Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still. If I am in an animal kingdom mood, I might go Badger...
  5. anionic1

    12V vs 48V

    So I was thinking that I have numerous 12V items that plug into the vehicle currently. I mean even my phone charger is 12V. I have a really nice 12V compressor, 12V vaccum, 12V inflator, 12V cooler etc. Anyone confirmed if the CT will still have 12V adapters? Or do we all just need to figure...
  6. anionic1

    Telsa RV- The Elephant in the Room

    So, I don't know about y'all, but the renderings in that Electrek article showing the Tesla Semi as an RV just about made me want to sell my house and put everything I had on black. Here is the article Link. That is pretty cool. I just did a big RV trip with the family in a 32 ft. gas V10 and it...
  7. anionic1

    Statically Charged Exoskeleton

    Posting just because we are always looking for new topics. How hard do you think it would be to create a mechanism that could quickly build a static charge on the exoskeleton of the CT? Obviously the body will be grounded to the battery, but would there be a simple way to break the ground and...
  8. anionic1

    Rolling Back the Rolling Stop but Cruising with Cruise Control

    You know Seth Weintraub over at Electrek made a really good point last Friday on their podcast about rolling back the rolling stop. He pointed out that if lawmakers are so concerned about the rolling stop at 2 mph breaking the law, why are they not holding the same standard for things like a...
  9. anionic1

    Self Propelled Travel Trailer by Airstream

    So Electrek just posted an article about Airstream working on a trailer that will have its own battery and propulsion solution so as to not create drag on the tow vehicle. For some reason it’s not letting me post the link. I will put in comments. This is yet another reason to stop worrying so...
  10. anionic1

    Will The CT Get Upgraded Motors?

    I have been thinking lately about the size of this truck and struggling to see how a single motor could even be feasible. Obviously the general solution is to add motors for more performance and thus the dual and tri motors exist. But has anyone heard/read if they plan to use a different motor...
  11. anionic1

    24’ Cable on Wall Connector!

    So it looks like Tesla updated the Wall Connector recently from 18’ to 24’. This is a great improvement IMO. I put a spot to plug in a charger on the outside of my house near my driveway and an 18’ cable likely wasn’t going to reach if I pull in forward. But 24’ probably will! I really don’t...
  12. anionic1

    Hypothetical off-road range decrease?

    So I don’t do much off-roading as it is but the Cybertruck will open up that opportunity to me hopefully. I am guessing any moderate off-roading, let’s say like a level 3 where 4 wheel drive is required much of the time, will greatly decrease range. I would think an off-road vehicle that gets 15...
  13. anionic1

    How to handle the door handles?

    I myself am fairly torn on this one. Having handles seems like a safety necessity but it’s new to me to not have handles and it may be better. So I created a poll to put some closure in this.
  14. anionic1

    Rich Rebuilds for $700 in lieu of Teslas quoted $16000

    It seems like this story is all over the news this last week. A guy broke a coolant adapter coming out of the battery on a model 3 and a Telsa vendor quoted to replace the whole battery because the adapter wasn't replaceable per Tesla. So the guy took it to Rich Rebuilds and they basically cut...
  15. anionic1

    Actual finish of stainless steel exoskeleton?

    Does anyone know (or have an educated guess) what the finish of the stainless exoskeleton 30X cold rolled steel will be? Any time I have purchase cold rolled stainless there are always slight imperfections in the steel and it has a dull finish. Tesla probably gets better quality material than I...
  16. anionic1

    Found a great EV power/charging solution

    So as many of you have done, I was researching the best solution for EV charging. Obviously the Tesla Wall Connector is the best option for a Tesla. Its interior/exterior rated and it can transfer a lot of power. But having not bought the EV yet, I was thinking well what if I want more options...
  17. anionic1

    Full glass roof

    Not having ever owned a car with a full glass roof, what’s that like? Does your head get hot? Do feature in the car get hotter due to sun exposure? Anyone know the coatings Tesla typically uses on their roof glass. Low E, Solar ban etc.?
  18. anionic1

    Making Cybertruck cheaper

    So I work in an industry that is heavily hit by the current increases commodity prices. Most people know it’s crazy right now and it’s not just limber prices. Steel, copper, resins, glass, insulation etc., it’s all significantly increased in cost. The cause of which will be for future economics...