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  1. Cybertruck tonneau bed cover water tight / leak test (w/ employee in closed vault) 💦

    the driver was still inside, so he likely opened it. Does make me wonder if there’s a way to lock yourself or someone into the bed. Like with trunks and drinks they have a safety door release. They should have one inside the bed.
  2. Videos: best look yet @ interior, folded-up backseat, tonneau cover, display screen UI, range meter

    Maybe Tesla purposefully doesn’t list accurate info on the screen for any leaked images/video. That remaining time 55min doesn’t make sense. Maybe explains why some testers get stranded with skewed info haha.
  3. ⛔️ NO RESALE language REMOVED for Cybertruck sales agreement! ✏️ 📄

    They probably just removed it from the Model Y agreement as it was on that document that “leaked”. They’ll probably make a new CT agreement and have similar language.
  4. Cybertruck NO RESALE Restriction (1 Year) Spotted in Purchase Agreement Language

    Honestly 1 year doesn’t matter much. In 1 year they will still sell over sticker I assume. Tesla won’t make more than 50k trucks in first year. Even if it’s 100k trucks. There are hundreds of thousands of reservations waiting for years still.
  5. Reddit post show someone just posting a contract copy and price for Tri- Motor

    Does anyone know if this becomes the case that Tri-Motor base model qualifies for EV Tax Credit, what if you select one option, be it wheels, FSD, etc, and it goes over $80k, do you lose the credit? Or would any added options, or even taxes, title, etc not count in the EV tax credit limit and it...
  6. More 500-mile range rumors!

    Given the fact that basically only one Release Candidate has been spotted towing a trailer, I don’t feel strong that they’re really testing or trying to prove anything yet with towing. Which may mean 500 mile version is not out initially….
  7. 4680 production progress

    So based on that articles assumptions, if 4680 batteries were SOLELY used for CT, they can make 600 a week (to start). They made about 500-1,000 M3 in the first year when they started in 2017. So not a bad start up production assumption. But what other model of Tesla will use 4680 batteries too...
  8. Fit / finish / gaps 👍 on this (Master Candidate?) Cybertruck spotted today

    That hood gap still looks pretty wide 🧐 definitely not sticking out like earlier RCs, but a bigger gap than all the other door gaps where it’s noticeable. Looks clean tho!
  9. Rumor: Person who test drove Cybertruck confirms 240V, powered frunk, and more

    What surprised me is the size of the Frunk, that it’s more luxurious feeling than S/X, and that the glass is “regular”?. I mean will it still prevent a bearing going through? Honestly I don’t care personally, but I would have thought they wouldn’t go to worse performance than their claim and...
  10. Custom vanity license plate for your Cybertruck?

    How do you order one without having the truck yet? I’d have to get my current Tesla one? How would I then sell it when I want to buy the CT?
  11. Reservation Change

    Honestly it makes sense. I’m sure those trim levels changed or will be called something else. Or have multiple versions of each motor (ranges, performance, etc). So if Tesla plans to allow everyone to “re-configure” when it’s their turn anyway, what’s the point in keeping their original...
  12. Reservation Change

    Both my reservations now say “You cannot edit design at this time” (instead of before saying what motor/package I selected). I have RN numbers approx 5,500 (tri) and 280,000 (dual)
  13. TFL video with the Silverado EV

    I really hope CT has at least 450 miles on release too 🙏
  14. Cybertruck deliveries start in October says Tesla employee / Cybertruck test driver

    imagine what the CT will have, especially with lowest height setting and bed cover 😎
  15. Windshield Wiper (BAW) extreme closeup

    I have had the original wipers on my M3 for 5 years. Not one streak shows when needed, still great. They sure know how to make/source them haha. I haven’t had to change ANYTHING on my M3, not brakes, never had to refill wiper fluid either. It’s crazy. 100,000 miles. Actually, Only the stock...

    from what I recall, you get a VIN assigned while you’re still finalizing financing and payment and actual delivery. So that’s not an issue. Your assigned a vin and it waits for you. And also your point about Europe….well I assume they will prioritize US first since CT is made in Austin TX. My...

    Just sharing experience with Model 3 delivery time. First Delivery event was July 2017. Mine was delivered July 2018 (one year later). And I had VIN around 56,000. So that’s about 1,000 built a week for first year. 5-6 Months later I got another M3 that had VIN 112,000. So about 2,000 a week...
  18. FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    Don’t see any button to close the trunk. So no auto open/close?
  19. Closeups!! Dual Motor Cybertruck shows frunk open, alcantara headliner, perforated seats, rectangular steering wheel, VIN # (8/31 pics)

    Can Anyone tell if it’s auto-open/close Frunk? Didn’t see struts. Or a button either but the button could be on the removed Frunk liner?