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  1. Insirt

    Sneak peek: Cyber Shield Cleaning & Protective Spray for Cybertruck Stainless Steel

    Rather than be reasonable and use dish soap to clean my Cybertruck, I do believe I will first struggle to PPF it myself (since there's no curves it should be "easy") then graphene coat that to make it easy to clean. Hopefully clear/matte PPF will even adhere since all the wrapped cybertrucks...
  2. Insirt

    First Cybertrucks in Tesla stores now! @ San Diego & San Jose first

    Was told by a sales representative in San Diego that someone outside the store is operating their model remotely, opened the front windows some and released the frunk which they then tried to close
  3. Insirt

    Cybertruck: Autobot or Decepticon

    Purple lightsaber
  4. Insirt

    🚀 Cybertruck blasts around the Fremont test track - video

    If only we knew the length of that straight. I have compromised internet (and yet somehow this website works fine) but someone could use a top down maps view to measure the distance then time the run and figure out first a quarter mile time then interpolate a 0-60. With a rough guess I'd say...
  5. Insirt

    My Cybertruck closeups: front bumper camera & passenger door button (spotted at Tesla Service Center)

    Someone else has probably asked and answered this question, but, based on the edges, it looks like the pillar and button are glass-covered? Hopefully it's not acrylic since that will be a pretty high-hand-traffic area. Bound to get scratched and oily. I was thinking of using PPF on the pillar...
  6. Insirt

    Highland model 3 with rear seat screen and controls (Robotaxi hint)

    Just handy to have for cleaning, packing things since there's not fast manual controls. Electric seat controls are nice but kinda slow. With everything being operable from touch screen though it does pave the way for Robotaxis. Hopefully with Hardware 4 they have everything they need to make...
  7. Insirt

    Munro analyzes the Cybertruck Dual Motor frunk closeup & interior photos | Munro Live

    I'm pretty sure the wiper works with two hinges, the second hinge is just hidden behind the lip of the frunk. It's the design where the motor (high torque for sure) rotates in one direction and the dual lever action turns the rotational movment into a back-and-forth rotation of the BAW. The...
  8. Insirt

    So Lets Ask the Important Question: What Will You Name Your Cybertruck?

    Dang I thought I was clever with Low/LoPoly @LowPoly. How bout you take one and I'll take the other? I thought of it like 5 months ago so who has firsties? ;) Alternatively and mostly for license plates: Origami Ego Hauler Boat Negatron
  9. Insirt

    No Exoskeleton

    Fellas, ladies, I'm detecting a distinct lack of aerospace application. Figure 1 (2...): Aircraft landing gear must be attached to the fuselage using large, trussed (giga)cast, machined or framed members, yes? HOWEVER see Figure 2: Aircraft also use the skin as a structural member in...