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  1. ZillaVilla

    Solar Cover, Lightbar (Hella), and Cyber Shop Confirmed for Cybertruck!

    I think it's best outside as these tend to get pretty warm and I imagine it's better optics than pushing light through the windshield at such an sloped angle. Hopefully it doesn't have wind noise! Some light bars people run HOWL LOUDLY on the highway.
  2. ZillaVilla

    Cybertruck seen entering Oceano Dunes Park

    No way those tires are that small. That's a long way from the reported size of 285/65r20 (which is about 33"
  3. ZillaVilla

    Cybertruck seen entering Oceano Dunes Park

    Regardless of the type of sand, vehicle weight over how much tire contact area is flotation. I drive a Jeep on 35" soft C class tires and aired down to 20psi it stays on top of the sand pretty well. Cybertruck at 6500 lbs and presumably low rolling resistance tires might have a tough time even...
  4. ZillaVilla

    Cybertruck seen entering Oceano Dunes Park

    A co-worker sent me this photo of a Cybertruck entering the Oceano Dunes Park. Has anyone seen it get out onto the dunes? I wonder how it does, if 35" tires provide enough flotation for driving on the sand
  5. ZillaVilla

    10 Cybertrucks will be delivered at the Delivery Event on Nov 30, says Tesla product design director, Javier Verdura

    I was hoping it would be some outrageous number like 1,000 cybertrucks, and the trucks would get summoned, self driving to their new owners. I only say outrageous because of the delivery of 1,000 trucks at a party in an afternoon, it's completely reasonable that Tesla could produce 1,000...
  6. ZillaVilla

    Cybertruck seen towing a Model Y! 📍 Fremont

    Perhaps it's tilt mechanism to load without needing ramps?
  7. ZillaVilla

    Elon Musk drives Cybertruck to F1 race at Circuit of the Americas (Austin, TX) -- updated w/ video

    The weight is also centrifugal force in the corners (mass you're changing the direction of) whereas wings create additional downforce without adding as much mass.
  8. ZillaVilla

    Elon Musk drives Cybertruck to F1 race at Circuit of the Americas (Austin, TX) -- updated w/ video

    I wonder if you put low profile high grip tires and ran the cybertruck on its lowest suspension settings what it's high speed maneuverability is like. Will we see people using the rack mount points to put big downforce wings on Cybertrucks? What about aero skirts and a splitter air damn at the...
  9. ZillaVilla

    Elon reveals Cybertruck details / production expectations on Q3 2023 call

    They're saying the installed production Caoacity is already OVER 125,000 a year, which would mean just December 2023 would produce 10,000 + trucks. So if they're ramping from 2,500 a week currently, could they be at 5,000 a week, 250,000 a year, sometime in 2024? I think YES!👍
  10. ZillaVilla

    📸 Daily photos: Cybertrucks in outbound lot at Giga Texas -- updated 11/27/23

    I'm hoping they get to 10,000 a week by mid 2024! They will sell out no problem!
  11. ZillaVilla

    Cybertruck with partial white interior spotted in Truckee CA

    I imagine white will play better with the new ambient lighting as it will take on the color of the light better than black interior would.
  12. ZillaVilla

    UI + Interior Video! Shot from Cybertruck driver seat 🎬

    Off road mode? See how they represent the terrain on screen...
  13. ZillaVilla

    Front Tow Hooks / Recovery Points spotted on Cybertruck [9-11-2023]

    Recovery hooks typically line up with the frame ends for extra strength. It's not too hard to bend a hitch when trying to free a stuck vehicle. In this case, there are no frame ends, but you still want somewhere to grab the front of the vehicle if it needs to be pulled out. This might also be...
  14. ZillaVilla

    A Cybertruck discount

  15. ZillaVilla

    Self driving backing up when towing a trailer ?

    Magnetic wi-fi camera to put on the cak of your trailer to tie in to the vehicle camera system would be epic! Store it in a small compartment by the hitch where it charges.