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  1. 10 Cybertrucks will be delivered at the Delivery Event on Nov 30, says Tesla product design director, Javier Verdura

    Does anyone know what version is being delivered first ? Single motor / Dual or Tri-motor ???
  2. Cybertruck parked in (test driver's?) house driveway and showing excellent fit & finish

    that’s great- If i remember correctly it was about 1998 when our barn collapsed- was a hugh amount of snow - could not walk anywhere unless u had a shovel w you- glad they sought to increase steel thickness- - excellent great job !
  3. Cybertruck parked in (test driver's?) house driveway and showing excellent fit & finish

    My dad built one like this - Unfortunately had a heavy snow 40” of wet heavy snow and that’s all it took to crush it - roof Crushed down to within 7’ of the floor - It’s a Quonset hut design and apparently it can’t / could Not handle that snow load- after taking that down we put up a another...
  4. Cybertruck parked in (test driver's?) house driveway and showing excellent fit & finish

    Just hope the rear cover doesn’t leak - AT ALL !
  5. Trailer towing Range

    That was an awesome physics lesson and i greatly appreciate it- Thank you About my current Ice vehicle- 07 avalanche- tow a trailer often and mileage only decreases by approximately 2-3 MPG - i also don’t floor it and being an x Semi Driver - i do read the traffic and roadways to avoid excessive...
  6. Trailer towing Range

    Has anyone seen anything on the range of the cyber truck towing a trailer? I am waiting since 2019 as with many others, But i tow a trailer often on longer trips, But concerned about the range of the CT when pulling a trailer?? I ordered the highest model- guessing it’s the tri motor w 500...
  7. First Cybertruck Produced at Giga Texas Exits Into The Wild Unknown

    My wife’s model 3 - i always have to reach in or forget and get crammed in before hitting the driver selection- Haven’t seen any selection on the phone app -??
  8. First Cybertruck Produced at Giga Texas Exits Into The Wild Unknown

    Disappointing that there’s no midgate would be nice- especially since i am used to my Avalanche w the midgate and putting long items in it- Thinking they should make the option for different drivers on the app vs trying to get into the car (that my wife was just in) and have the steering wheel...
  9. Cybertruck vault sub-trunk fully opened! + Tonneau cover and tailgate lowering in action!

    This is the first i have heard of the ramps be abandoned- Well that Sucks - I might have to build a stainless steel trailer ( with pull out Ramps) to incorporate the abandoned options- I did think that it was said by Big E that it would have 220 V in the back - If i remember correctly I...
  10. Anyone concerned about the sunlight and heat build up under the large windshield surface?

    I guess the main question is - how much charging would u be receiving for that 5g I believe I wld as Many times i leave my Avalanche in the woods (for shade) for a cple wks at a time while staying up north- If it has solar charging option- wld leave it in the sun - I did see something about...
  11. Ready, so ready

    I went through and did my calculations yesterday and found that i am 347,431 in line & i ordered it 11 days after launch day… 347,000 is another year away at least - dang !!!!
  12. Ready, so ready

    My dad a couple IH scouts- cool vehicle He also had the IH Travelall that one was only 2 wheel drive- but it went everywhere he needed it to go …. at about the 200,000 mile mark he retired it -
  13. Ready, so ready

    wasn’t the “scout” a International Harvester vehicle - mini 4 wheel drive suburban

    **** knew i forgot something- something on dash to eliminate dash reflections Not sure why such a small pain in the ass problem never gets permanently addressed/ eliminated at the start

    ——————————————————————— A few things i noticed and hope will be addressed or modified I hope the tail lights / Brake lights are a bit larger then the pics - The idea of getting rear ended because of some JA not paying attention! There is a second display directly in front of driver - (the...