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  1. Just ordered 2nd CT. Res RN1204637**

    Just ordered a second CT. The reservation number is ~7,556,000 higher than my first order which was made on Nov 23, 2019. The reservation was still $100. So the rumors of an increase to $250 fee are totally false.
  2. So, Outside Mirrors Removable or not?

    Are the outside mirrors removable?
  3. When I saw this I laughed...

    ...then I started to sweat. Hyperventilated and passed out. Does anybody have the real length of the CT?
  4. Feature Request for Summon - "Follow Me"

    I wish summon had a feature that would follow me as I walked through a field, or street for that matter. That way I can go for a long hike and use my CT as a back pack. Would a "Follow Me" function be useful?
  5. Will suspension height control settings be in the Tesla app?

    Anybody know if we will be able to raise/lower the truck from the app? just curious…