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  1. optimusprem

    265 mi range at 90%

    That's true but it's hard to say whether this is a test vehicle or Marqee's delivery. Although based on the other Autofocus videos they usually get press vehicles except for when he showed his Model S. I would imagine for him to show off beast mode they would send him a tri-motor.
  2. optimusprem

    265 mi range at 90%

    Maybe Tri-Motor because of the white interior?
  3. optimusprem

    ALL The States Where Cybertruck Has Been Seen Testing So Far!

    There was pics on r/cybertruck of it in the Boston/Cambridge area so you can add Massachusetts to the list
  4. optimusprem

    New EVs from Toyota

    A two seater long bed version of that truck would be sweet. I am also waiting to see if the Alpha Wolf will end up coming out or not.
  5. optimusprem

    Dual Motor reservation holders, still a buyer at $59,900?

    I don't think anyone knows except for maybe insiders/employees. In my case price is king, and if I can't afford a 3 motor I won't get it. I'll hold on until I can get a dual motor long range even if it's 6 months later. But if even that is too much I'll start looking for another option.
  6. optimusprem

    Dual Motor reservation holders, still a buyer at $59,900?

    That would be my limit counting trade in and fed/state incentives in 2024 if it's more I'm not sure I can justify paying that much for a vehicle no matter how much I like it.
  7. optimusprem

    Rumor: Person who test drove Cybertruck confirms 240V, powered frunk, and more

    I'm gonna be so bummed if there's no ramp, that and no middle seat :(
  8. optimusprem

    What concept cars would you skip CT for?

    Probably the Hyundai Grandeur I'm a sucker for this look with the pixel head and tail lights
  9. optimusprem

    Will you be trading/re-selling your current Tesla for the Cybertruck?

    2018 Hyundai Sonata with ~90k miles glad to go electric and be able to move stuff around!
  10. optimusprem

    What music / songs will you blast on day 1 of Cybertruck ownership?

    Most definitely Spaceship by Kanye West
  11. optimusprem

    Naming your CyberTruck

    Appa like from Avatar or Shagohad from MGS3