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  1. Suicide charging port a massive problem?

    Optimus promises to be careful with his recharging port on your Cybertruck.
  2. Metal roof rather than glass on the Cybertruck

    Careful rock and systems management is required in these cases. Simply open the windows and the rocks will go straight thru.
  3. Full glass roof

    Agree with the above. One simply does not realize the roof is glass. Quite possibly it could be argued this is superior to something like an F150 with a "moon roof".
  4. 2024 Cybertruck Official Specs Leaked?! 😱 - Udated With Compare/Analysis

    Hey, I changed a tire on my 2003 K2500 Avalanche using the under the body spare. ... .... ..... Once.
  5. 2024 Cybertruck Official Specs Leaked?! 😱 - Udated With Compare/Analysis

    SO .... I can just take that big 220v dryer outlet there and with the right cable, plug it into the Cybertruck charging port and drive FOREVER ...
  6. Black Cybertruck looking so stealth at night 🥷🏻

    After you have seen the matte black, the stainless looks ... naked ...
  7. Powered Frunk In Action! Great shots!!

    I got news for Rivey. Bragging rights is a Highly Important Use. We also need a 20,000V plug to run our whole-cybertruck Tesla Coil essential functionalities. Any other questions?
  8. I want to get out of Bitcoin and buy TSLA stock....easiest way?

    Wait for BTC to hit 120k. Then sell. Set aside money for long term gains tax. Enough left over for CT. Have fun!!!
  9. Cybertruck VIN decoder! -- GVWR Vehicle Weight Revealed + **only** Dual and Tri Motor for 2024

    The GVWR must also include the trailer tongue weight.
  10. My Cybertruck closeups: front bumper camera & passenger door button (spotted at Tesla Service Center)

    I have to agree with the logical symmetry of this point of view. Years in advance the Tesla Elders gathered. The Leader said "It's time." "Time to plan out the haphazard things that look like they were added on at the last minute." One acolyte spoke. "How about ... a Housing?" There was...
  11. Rollover Crash Tested Cybertruck w/ airbags deployed & smashed interior (back seat look)!

    This is NOT a normal ditch rollover crash test. This is a ditch rollover crash test in which the Cybertruck entered a ditch and the ditch proceeded to roll over and all the way around the Cybertruck. The Cybertruck proceeded back to the highway and down the road.
  12. "Best Cybertruck spotting that I have ever seen! 🥰 😍" -- how most of us would act

    Look, Bigfoot has done a pretty good job of hiding, and so have all those aliens with their UFOs. But now with the Cybertrucks, well, you know both Bigfoot and ET would drive nothing else. So it's important we keep making videos of these odd vehicles.
  13. Towing my new Zero electric bike with the Tesla

    I think something could be worked out with the bike on a roofrack. Set the bike's rear wheel free to spin and using a long v belt connect to the driver's side rear wheel extended v belt pulley. There wouldn't be any problem riding that bike way up there, would there?
  14. Cybertruck convoy rolling outside Giga Factory [Aug 18, 2023 Video]

    Time to remaster? For those who do not know this archaic language it is called "CB Trucker Talk" and here is a beginner introduction. Inquiring minds would like to know: Will the size of Cybertruck Convoys be limited by available Superchargers?
  15. New wheels / aero wheel covers spotted on Cybertruck -- 7/31/23

    My hex, star and torx bit set does not go up to 6"...
  16. Cyber F-150 Truck Riding on High Suspension Height!

    I think what's really going on here is a whole lot of guys have an F150, and someone in Tesla figured these guys could slip an F150 wrapped Cybertruck into the garage, and nobody would figure it out. If someone was a bit uncertain about it, the guy would just say "Yeah, I had it detailed. Looks...
  17. Cyber F-150 Truck Riding on High Suspension Height!

    Heard of the phrase "A wolf in sheep's clothing?" What about the day all of these .... unwrap?
  18. Cyber truck on display?

    Yes. The original prototype is on display at the Peterson Auto Museum in Los Angeles. And coupled with the other amazing stuff there, and the restaurant, I strongly suggest making an effort to visit it.
  19. So the Cybertruck fits in a garage (at under 19ft long)... But was the size reduction worth it for you?

    That's also an excellent idea, and I was thinking along those lines when I placed a deposit on (separately ) 2 of these trucks in 2019. Today I have more flexibility.
  20. New Body-in-White pic shows front wheel well, front quarter window + more

    These are for the cats that take refuge in this warm wheel well in the winter and then need to hang onto something to go along for the ride.