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  1. shocker

    The Competition: 2024 Silverado EV Reviews Are In

    I've seen one in person. It's a beast, for sure. I would say it's a better truck than the Lightning, as it should be since it's a ground up EV design rather than an ICE conversion. I don't care about WT pricing, since I can't buy one as a consumer. And those prices are convoluted by business...
  2. shocker

    Elon: "I was just reviewing the production beta Cybertruck. It is incredible."

    What I know about beta: Dimensionally, it hasn't changed significantly from the intro, and the structure will be megacastings, structural pack, and stainless exoskeleton. 1000V architecture. Quad motor and four wheel steering available. HW 4 4680 cells.
  3. shocker

    Musk: "Cybertruck pricing and specs will be different, but it will be a damn fine product."

    It was obvious to me that the 2019 pricing was out the window, long ago. I'd pay 65 for the dual motor after 7500 rebate, which I think is realistic.
  4. shocker

    Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    I hedged my bets: Lightning reservation immediately after the reveal, Model Y reservation just made. Order book opens on the Lightning "this fall" so we'll see if can get in the system for a 2022 delivery. The Y is looking like a Feb delivery, since it can tow a decent load, I could get by with...
  5. shocker

    Cybertruck takeaways from AI Day: coming in about a year & getting upgraded AI hardware for FSD

    I'm wondering if the as yet unrevealed Silverado will beat the CT to market. I have a Lightning reservation as a hedge. Order book on that opens this Fall.
  6. shocker

    Article: Tesla’s Cybertruck delay may have been caused by design finalization

    "prototypes are easy, mass production is hard, positive cash flow is excruciating" says the man himself.
  7. shocker

    Rear Wheel Steering

    If they make it standard equipment, I'd guess it's a teaspoon of sugar to make $10,000 price increase go down. Tesla can still argue it's still cheaper than a Hummer, and cost comparable to the upper trim level Lightnings.
  8. shocker

    One of the Cybertrucks is with Savage Garage

    Indeed, there are pictures of F-150 Lightning prototypes parked on house driveways, besides being on the road. Ford employees doing real world testing. Same with the Hummer, including running the trails around Moab. If the formula is correct, I'm around #50k in the CT queue. Maybe, just maybe I...
  9. shocker

    Who is eating crow? Final predictions.

    I'd say the question for today is what is Tesla going to delete to keep costs down? And do they really log how much the lumbar support on the passenger seat gets used?
  10. shocker

    Vehicle to Home (Ford Figured it Out)

    In a power outage, a few kws now and then make life so much nicer. That's all I need from a vehicle. I put a reservation down on a lightning. Refundable 100 bucks it a nice hedge against the CT not meeting my expectations.
  11. shocker

    Fiery deaths?

    I've read (from Europe) the preferred way to extinguish an EV on fire is dunk it in a big tank of water. Literally. This is a diagram for my ride, a Chevy Bolt. Tells emergency workers where the critical stuff is.
  12. shocker

    ? Cybertruck Spotted at Giga Texas Plant! + Interior Look with Yoke Steering Wheel and Performance Pedals!

    A "gentleman of girth" is another dated term. Looks like normal middle age spread that just expands and expands if you don't do something about it (exercise and watch your diet). Note to all the youngsters with tatoos - just imagine what they will look like as the canvas stretches and sags......
  13. shocker

    ? Cybertruck Spotted at Giga Texas Plant! + Interior Look with Yoke Steering Wheel and Performance Pedals!

    Hmmm, Elon didn't say anything about CT production in 2021, just mentioned the Y in limited numbers this year, mass production next. I'm not surprised though, given the complexity and scale of what's going on there CT production in 2021 was an aspirational goal.
  14. shocker

    Is Tesla battery cost $149 kWh at the cell level? Your choice as to whether this is believable. I see Tesla isn't shy about jockeying its prices up and down depending on demand. Really wondering if my dual motor CT will be 49K or end up 59K.
  15. shocker

    Tesla Cybertruck’s Structure Will Be Unique, According to Sandy Munro

    Who'd have guessed body on frame is the best way to build a pickup truck?:unsure: Since the terafactory has a paintshop needed to build the Y, they might as well ditch the expensive SS and go high strength steel with paint. Line-X the bed for durability and Bob's your uncle. Just having some fun...
  16. shocker

    BART Director Janice Li on Tesla head honcho: 'F-k Elon Musk'

    I used BART extensively in the early 80's (Walnut Creek to Berkeley commute) when I lived in CA. Anything changed since then?
  17. shocker

    What's the deal with side view mirrors?

    In my experience, they don't. It's the side windows that need snow/frost clearing.
  18. shocker

    What's the deal with side view mirrors?

    I live in an area where it rains and/or snows, at least one time every week. Based on my experiences with cameras getting obscured by various forms of precipitation and road residues (salt and dirt) I'd want mirrors.