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  1. VolklKatana

    Folding rear seats (& center seat) confirmed in new Cybertruck patent! Points to possible pass through?

    The latest CT patent released yesterday..."tesla,+inc".AANM.&OS=AANM/"tesla,+inc"&RS=AANM/"tesla,+inc" Appears the have front folding center seat in addition...
  2. VolklKatana

    SIGHTED: Matte Black Cybertruck UPDATE: Photoshopped

    Against all suspicions, a prior Tesla engineer posted a picture with a matte black CT in the background. Looks wicked, I must say...
  3. VolklKatana

    Image of new Cybertruck with a polished stainless steel finish?

    The finish appears different... Just thought I would share for others to pick apart. Image from someone's Linkedin account.
  4. VolklKatana

    Tesla Cybertruck Design Patent Awarded

    The Cybertruck Design Patent was granted today...look at all those vehicles used for inspiration! Additional info on referenced patents here:
  5. VolklKatana

    7/19 CT Production Rumors

    As I've done in the past, here are some speculative rumors from accounts that I follow on social media, and for whatever reason, I feel have some credence. Todays rumors for everyone wild speculation and consideration. Feel free to believe these rumors, get excited about them, dismiss...
  6. VolklKatana

    Elon suggests Wi-Fi Camera link for Trailering with Cybertruck

    interesting additional info!
  7. VolklKatana

    Video from inside Gigafactory Texas / Cybertruck Factory!

    I grabbed a public video shared on Snapchat that was taken inside GigaTexas. I'll try to post any others that are interesting or I think are worth dissecting with the community here. I think this may be near or in the paint shop area based on other videos I have watched throughout the process...
  8. VolklKatana

    Elon Confirms New Battery Cells in Texas Made Vehicles

    In a brief twitter response, Elon confirmed that the MY will be using the new battery cells at the Texas location when production begins. This all but ensures that all CTs rolling out of Texas, following the MY, will have the same.
  9. VolklKatana

    Rumor: CT's spotted on their way to cold weather testing site

    How about some rumors and's Friday right? ? We know fremont is working on getting the preliminary line set up. Sans the casting, i could see this as being feasible, right?!
  10. VolklKatana

    Tesla says it will power all Superchargers with renewable energy this year

    As originally seen: Electrek: Tesla says it will power all Superchargers with renewable energy this year Fred Lambert - Apr. 27th 2021 4:22 pm ET @FredericLambert (Tesla apparently made an Earth Day...
  11. VolklKatana

    Cybertruck Models Acceleration Comparison Simulator

    For those that are on the fence between the CT1, CT2, and CT3, I thought this was a fun illustration...
  12. VolklKatana

    Cybertruck Naming Convention

    In an effort save everyone some typing.... Instead of referencing single motor , dual motor and tri-motor variants, can we all just agree to shorten it to CT1, CT2 and CT3? or even CTI, CTII, CTIII? This will fall in line with other tesla abbreviations like M3 LR or MS 85P etc. Would be...
  13. VolklKatana

    Model S features to Cybertruck?

    How many of the new features mentioned in the following article in the new model S does everyone think will end up in the Cybertruck?! Tesla has unveiled for the first time the highly anticipated new...
  14. VolklKatana

    GigaThread: 2020 Q4 Earnings Call: Cybertruck

    I will continually edit this thread as info comes out. -Elon expects GigaTexas to be delivering cars this year -Tesla is not considering the ability to transfer FSD between vehicles at this timeframe, though subscription will be coming soon -Kato battery team has solved all issues they have...
  15. VolklKatana

    Welcome to the year of the CYBERTRUCK

    Happy New Year to everyone on the forum....let the countdown begin! Let the past year of negativity, sickness and time without our loved ones give way to Cyber-health, Cyber-happiness, and Cybertrucks-a-plenty for everyone here! In all seriousness, wising you and yours a happy and prosperous...
  16. VolklKatana

    Cybertruck’s stainless steel supplier to start operations at TX plant by Fall 2021: report

    Original article: Tesla Cybertruck’s steel supplier to begin operations at TX plant by Fall 2021: report Posted on December 10, 2020 Reports have emerged stating that Steel Dynamics Inc., a reported...
  17. VolklKatana

    Panasonic Making 4680 Cells on Pilot Line At Giga-Nevada

    Tesla is working with Panasonic to build new 4680 battery cell pilot production line at Giga Nevada Fred Lambert - Oct. 29th 2020 10:10 am ET Panasonic announced that it is working with Tesla to build a new prototype production line to produce its 4680 battery cell at Gigafactory Nevada...
  18. VolklKatana

    Tesla Plans to Add 52 New Service Centers in 2021

    Tesla (TSLA) makes massive push for service to catch up with sales Fred Lambert Oct. 29th 2020 6:22 am ET Tesla has told staff that it is preparing a massive push to expand service capacity as it attempts to catch up to its rapid growth in sales. Over the last few years, Tesla has been...