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  1. Year One.

    There are only two epochs in history. Forget the nonsense about Holocene, Paleocene, Anthropocene. It's not that these did not exist, just that they are like random pieces of trash... The real Epochs: Before Cybertruck - BCT After Cybertruck - ACT Year One Approaches.
  2. The once and all FINAL Cybertruck introductory price thread

    So in an attempt to put some sanity into what everyone wants to know. The Twitter share buyback was at 42.00 per share. The BFR launch was on 4/20. Therefore, the base level Cybertruck sales price will be $42,000.
  3. ChatGPT's take on using Cybertruck autonomous mode to fetch pizza

    I decided to check out what the possibly emergent AI, ChatGPT, would have to say about using the Cybertruck in an autonomous mode to go get a pizza and bring it back to the house. (me) Hello Chatty. Here are some comments and then I have a question. The Tesla Cybertruck is likely to be one of...