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  1. Lives2TruckAround

    ⛔️ NO RESALE language REMOVED for Cybertruck sales agreement! ✏️ 📄

    Sucks for all those that preordered 3+ with intent to sell. Greedy bitches.
  2. Lives2TruckAround

    Cybertruck offroad tested on mud trails

    I love you guys and girls but damn…. y’all be real knit pickers about the information out there. I just thought it would be cool to share that they are doing some cool stuff with the truck.
  3. Lives2TruckAround

    Cybertruck offroad tested on mud trails

    Im excited to finally see the cybertruck do some “harder trails”.
  4. Lives2TruckAround

    Cybertruck parked at garage (shows vault bed lights!)

    See now I can completely take that. That’s full proof and I can literally see that.
  5. Lives2TruckAround

    Forbes Cybertruck Hit Piece: "Musk’s Cybertruck Is Almost Here. But Will Anyone Buy The ‘Ludicrous’ Vehicle?"

    It’s FUD 100% and I think the author has something against Tesla anyways. They turned off comments.
  6. Lives2TruckAround

    Cybertruck parked at garage (shows vault bed lights!)

    I still say it’s too blurry to see anything and why are we at a point where we are speculating what it might be as “it’s there I see it even though you can’t really see it”. And no I don’t see a light bar in the clear picture. Would it be nice? Yes. I would have felt better if he said “maybe...
  7. Lives2TruckAround

    Cybertruck parked at garage (shows vault bed lights!)

    that is one blurry picture and those aren’t lights. They are the rails
  8. Lives2TruckAround

    [Video + Pics] Cybertruck suspension at high setting height (loading onto trailer and public streets)

    Anyone else annoyed by the chick in the video saying “what the fuuu**”
  9. Lives2TruckAround

    Cybertruck Frunk Open / Close Action Video!!

    If it doesn’t have a power frunk I’m sure Hannshow will come out with one. Problem solved
  10. Lives2TruckAround

    Cybertruck Camping & Overlanding Accessories (from Tesla Takeover 2023 @ SLO California)

    I like this concept and i was even thinking about 3d printing something like this. Good to know i wasn’t the only one thinking this was a cool idea
  11. Lives2TruckAround

    A look at interior of glass roof / cabin ceiling

    I don’t know peeps… in my model y the ceiling basically turns the car into an oven. I ended up getting a shade for the glass interior. On top of that i realized i never am able to look out of the ceiling windows so it’s kind of pointless. I’m probably going to end up covering those ceiling...
  12. Lives2TruckAround

    Frunk in the raw - best view yet?

    The pass through idea was more for the back. Anybody that gave it a thought would never believe the pass through would go thru all that hardware, no matter the design there is just too much stuff. The truck bed to cabin was always the wish for many.
  13. Lives2TruckAround

    F-150 Wrapped Cybertruck Spotted Driving & Showing Hitch

    I know a lot of people are saying “it looks good”…. I’m actually more concerned with the departure angle for not only “baja travel” that Elon stated and and Overlanding enthusiasts like myself crawling over certain rocks or trees.
  14. Lives2TruckAround

    Cybertruck spotted stuck in the mud?

    You know what the downside of this is? EVERYONE I talk to is only going to hear about this and whoever knows I always bring up “I can’t wait for my CT” they are gonna say: “Did you hear Cybertruck got stuck in the mud, LULZ, some great off-roading truck, JAJAJAJAJA, waited forever for a truck...
  15. Lives2TruckAround

    Can we talk Skid Plates?

    Maybe not exactly like the old hummers….. I couldn’t really describe the portals well. I did post a picture…. Kinda looks like an advertisement Looking at that hummer now….. I kinda wonder what that cost to deck it out like that. Totally military spec right? 🤣
  16. Lives2TruckAround

    Can we talk Skid Plates?

    Yup, there’s a company that sells portal axles for the wheels. Give you a 4 inch lift without changing any suspension upgrades. Takes a lot of pressure off of the end of the CV joints at the wheel hub. similar to the old military hummers but for more civilian purposes.
  17. Lives2TruckAround

    Can we talk Skid Plates?

    Hardcore rock crawling on 40’s and portals like Jeeps
  18. Lives2TruckAround

    Can we talk Skid Plates?

    OP here…. so have we come to a solution/consensus or the like to mitigate a potential problem? Or is there one in place already from what I’ve been reading? I just thought I’d get some outside input (other than my own creativity).